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Field Trip: Cooper Hewit Museum

On May 8th, my Internship class had took a field trip to the Cooper Hewit Museum. We expose two floors of multiple galleries, series and exhibits. We first entered into the Rebeca Méndez Selects series which explored different kinds of birds, sounds, textures (such as feathers) and more. Her purpose behind this was to focus on the tragedy history of Aztecs and scientifically study birds in nature. It also displayed old documents and books such as the Florentine Code. She created clothing and a side-wall (block printed on paper) of patterns of nature and birds. You were able to get a visual of birds flying around the ocean while listening to an audio as well allowing you to hear them, the ocean and any sounds of nature.

(Side-wall: block print on paper)

(Bird specimen)

(Video: CircumSolar + Strata Drums)

My favorite spot we went to in the museum was the Process LabI loved getting an opportunity to explore different color palette, textures, patterns, paper porcelain (kitchen utensils), and hearing about the brand itself.



(Textures + patterns)

(Kitchen utensils)

(my palette!)

These were just two series! but of course there’s many more. Also, the museum has two methods that I found really interactive. The first being they give a pen where you can use it to save work digitally and login with a code later on to access it. Another thing, with this pen (or even your finger), you can go to this kiosk and search for art. They’ll have random art works flowing around and if you grab it with the pen, you can get more information on it. Also it allows you to create your own sculpture, furniture and add color to it using a grid.

PS: They also have really cool chairs by the bathroom! It spins as if you’re going to fall off but you don’t.