Personal Poster/ Field Trip

Personal Poster


Field Trip

Before going to the printing place, I had my own preconceived idea of what it looked like. I imagined the room to be quite big with a lot of people operating on the machines. Instead it was the complete opposite. For the most part it was quiet with a few workers. I imagined the print shop to be something you would see at the New York times. Big rolling machines full of paper, people moving fast from machine to machine. Taking the trip to the printing place changed my view of big printing places.

Speaking of big rolling machines, the did have a machine with a similar mechanic. Though it was quite smaller, it still gets the job done.  This trip opened my eyes to various type of machine used for printing. Personally, I’m used to the very basic CMYK printer in my own home. The printing place had machines that matched the price of a house, which literally blew my mind.

Also, our host said something that really spoke to me. Preparing your work to be printed. Beforehand, I did not really give any thought on how I wanted my work to look outside the computer. The different types of paper, types of color, size. Now I when designing, I also focus on what my designs look like externally.