About Me/ Logo Banner

Hi visitor. My name is Avion Bailey. I’m a Graphic Art’s major at NYCCT, who’s looking to gather more skills as well as understand my chosen field a little better. I didn’t think of graphic designing as what I wanted to do with my life. Before college, I dedicated myself to writing, books, poems, etc. How exactly did I end up the design field? Well this all came from one graphic design class in high school. I was supposed to make a poster for my school to help with a passing of a bond. After that experience, I fell in love with the process. The process of designing to communicate.

Coming from a fairly impoverished background, this field is quite difficult because of my lack of resources. I do try my best to work with what I have been given and the school is a big help. I believe that one of my best skills, is somehow making things work. Using what I have to piece together my best.



At first when starting my logo and banner, I had no clue of what could represent me. I decided to switch my thinking, and think of where I wanted to be. The A and B are my initials. The pen, if its not clear enough, is a pen for an electronic drawing pad. I personally, have grown fond of drawing and the drawing pen, I feel, is a good medium to represent both the graphics and the physical. The colors represent RGB and CMYK (the pen is the K)