Visually Enhanced Quotes


This the first quote I created of my 3. The inspiration from this was from playing a card game with my friends. They we’re teaching me poker and I figured this could be a very nice quote. I decided to make a mock Ace of spades and include the quote on the card. The font is a popular font on various playing cards.

This is the second quote I created of my three quotes.  This was inspired from online black jack games. When playing an online blackjack game, a banner with the games personalized black jack lettering would appear. I decided to mimic that but subtly through the quote on one of the playing cards.

With my last visual quote i wanted to stray away from the use of cards. I decided to use this image of poker chips. This still helps convey the message of the “card game” but in a subtle way. I used a more serif like font because I felt it matched the theme of the image better. The white rectangle is to hep with visibility of the font. I lowered the opacity on it so the poker chips don’t looked cropped.