Hello Everyone,

My name is Nathiw Sanchez(he/his/him)currently in my junior year trying to pursue a bachelor’s degree in education as a technology teacher. My favorite films are “Erased boys” made in 2018 by Joel Edgerton, “Visible out of television” made in 2020 by Ryan White, “Handsome Devil” made in 2016 by John Butler, and “School Life” made in 2019 by Mehdi Idir. In the same manner, A fact about myself is that I have been living in the United States since 2015, and to be honest, it has been a long process of adapting myself to a new language and culture. Another fact about myself is that I work at the NYC Department of Education since 2018, and I am currently working in District 4 as an Attendance and Programmer Laison of the School. Since I came to this country my goals have been to make my grandparents proud of all that they have done for me as well as for my family, and give them the life that they always wanted.


  1. Caroline Chamberlin Hellman

    Hi Nathiw,
    Welcome. Thanks for sharing your experience living in the United States. I absolutely understand the process of adjustment that living in a new place requires. I spent a semester teaching in Antwerp, Belgium, and it was equally exciting and enervating constantly adjusting–and that was without the heavy lifting of language and permanent residence. I did miss family and I appreciate your tribute to your grandparents here.

    I have a feeling that the first text/film pairing we are covering may be interesting to you and others, and I look forward to your thoughts. In the meantime, what a career path at this point in history; I am sure you will be in demand!

  2. Brian Chan

    Its never easy to adjust to a new language/culture but you seem to have adjusted very well! As for your goal of making your grandparents/loved ones proud, I’m sure they’re proud already 🙂

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