Last updated 11/28/23.

The table below shows the schedule of topics for the semester. It will be updated periodically to reflect our current progress.

The textbooks referred to in the table are

  • Wu RLE: Wu, Rational Numbers to Linear Equations
  • Wu A&G: Wu, Algebra and Geometry
  • Wu PCC: Wu, Pre-calculus, Calculus, and Beyond
  • Fomin et al: Fomin, D., Genkin, S., Itenberg, I., Mathematical Circles: Russian Experience

1Monday, 8/28What is this class about?Chapter 1, Wu RLE (Rational Numbers to Linear Equations)
2Wednesday, 8/30Defining the Real Numbers for Secondary School MathematicsChapter 1, Wu RLE (Rational Numbers to Linear Equations)
Monday, 9/4College Closed - Labor Day
3Wednesday, 9/6Systems of Numbers - Natural, Integers, Rational, RealChapter 2, Wu RLE
4Monday, 9/11DivisibilityChapter 3, Wu RLE
5Wednesday, 9/13The Euclidean AlgorithmChapter 3, Wu RLE
6Monday, 9/18Isometries and CongruenceChapter 4, Wu RLE
7Wednesday, 9/20Dilation and SimilarityChapter 5, Wu RLE
Monday, 9/25No classes
8Wednesday, 9/27Exam 1
9Monday, 10/2Ruler and Compass ConstructionsChapter 7, Wu A&G
10Wednesday, 10/4Ruler and Compass ConstructionsChapter 7, Wu A&G
Monday, 10/9College Closed
11Tuesday, 10/10Circles - from geometry to algebra
12Wednesday, 10/11Parabolas and Quadratic functionsChapter 2, Wu A&G
13Monday, 10/16Parabolas and Quadratic functions IIChapter 2, Wu A&G
14Wednesday, 10/18PolynomialsChapter 3, Wu A&G
15Monday, 10/23Polynomials IIChapter 3, Wu A&G
Exam 1 attempt 2 outside of class week 10/23 - time TBD
16Wednesday, 10/25Rational FunctionsChapter 3, Wu A&G
17Monday, 10/30Rational FunctionsChapter 3, Wu A&G
18Wednesday, 11/1Rational Functions / ExponentsChapter 4, Wu A&G
19Monday, 11/6ExponentsChapter 4, Wu A&G
20Wednesday, 11/8Inverse FunctionsChapter 4, Wu A&G
21Monday, 11/13Midterm Exam
22Wednesday, 11/15LogarithmsChapter 4, Wu A&G
23Monday, 11/20Complex NumbersChapter 5, Wu A&G
Wednesday, 11/22No classes
Exam 1 attempt 3 outside of class week of 11/27 - time TBD
24Monday, 11/27TrigonometryChapter 1, Wu PCC
25Wednesday, 11/29TrigonometryChapter 1, Wu PCC
26Monday, 12/4ProbabilityFomin et al, Chapters 2, 11, (other?)
27Wednesday, 12/6Normal DistributionFomin et al, Chapters 2, 11, (other?)
28Monday, 12/11Permutations & CombinationsFomin et al, Chapters 2, 11, (other?)
Wednesday, 12/13No Classes - Reading Day
29Monday, 12/18Review
30Wednesday, 12/20Final Exam
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