The idea of infinity: endri domi

In my opinion the idea of infinity is something that has no end, either veryyyyy big, or veryyyy small or in another word endless!!! I understand infinity not as a number since it cannot be added, multiplied, subtracted or divided with real numbers unless infinity is defined as number (t as we take examples in class) or take an example that 1+1=∞, 1+1+1+1+1=∞, and because it will never reach infinity, i just think of it as a concept of math.

I remember i was introduced to infinity in middle school where we started studying the characteristics of a line and we said that a line has infinity points in it. I didn’t pay much attention to this because i thought this is just another headache that math introduces to you and only thought of it just as a big number, but the more you study the more learn.

Through these pictures i am expressing the idea of what i think infinity is in nature.

As we can see in the pictures, of course this line HAS a finishing point, and to mention it again, i think that infinity is just a term to describe usually very big (large) amount or number to express something bigger than you could imagine.

In these two pictures i am showing the shore line expressing this line as infinity because we can see that it goes on and on until the end.

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