Final Exam

Hi! All 1275CO,

I appreciate your cooperation for our remote class in Spring 2020.

This is about class D400 Final Exam Announcement.

1. Where: Via WebWork with a new account for the final exam ( you must have a new username and pw from the math department)

2. When: May 20 12:00 AM ~ May 21,11:59 PM- One sitting exam for 2 hours.


3-1. You may copy each problem correctly (or print or take picture) and solve the problem one by one on your paper. Problems and solutions all need on the paper.

3-2.¬†You can submit written paper exam¬†in single PDF File with file name _1275CO_final_¬†classnumber_lastname¬†within one hour( I extend¬† the time twice than other classes) after your final exam time ends.¬† If you submit it late, your score will be penalized¬†(10 points off). It is through “final exam” tab on Assignment¬† BB.¬† Every¬†¬†time is¬†reported in¬†the¬†system.


4. You may decide to submit only one  day paper exam or ask to grade a certain day one (When you submit it, then put it comment what you request, otherwise, I am in charge of it.


5. Final Exam score is evaluated  from your  only one  written paper (better one) between  your  two submissions.

*Caution: In your  written paper, It must contain a question number, accurate question statement, appropriate solution , and answer. Of course, your name too, (like Last Name , First Name on the top of paper)

 Submission- in single PDF File with file name _1275CO_final_ classnumber_lastname within one hour

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