In the story A sound of thunder, the author takes us back in time before civilization. Before humans existed, there were dinosaurs. In the future time, 2055 we are introduced to a idea of a time machine which was turned into a traveling machine for entertainment purpose. People would pay thousands of dollars just to go back in time and hunt dinosaur. although it seems fun, there were strict rules to follow during the trip back in time, because anything you do might change the future drastically. It was the character Eckel first time in this trip, first he was excited that he was going to kill dinosaurs but later on he became scared and nervous. Ultimately what they greatly feared, came true, by killing a butterfly in the past they changed the future when returned back to their time. The language system of that period was different, also the people in power of the government as well. I believe the author is trying to make the reader acknowledge the future of our planet. Often we see people going to hunt animals for fun, while they are having fun it’s causing lots of different species to go extinct. Just like the butterfly the character killed which changed the future, us killing endangered animals will also put our future in danger.