In Bradbury’s story, “A Sound of Thunder”, time travel exists and it is used in terms of entertainment. People can pay a large sum of money to travel to any time period they like as long as they follow the rules. Though they warn that any small wrong move can cause a ripple effect and change the future as they know it, the government in this world is still allowing anyone to time travel. Eckels, the main character is excited to travel back in time to kill a dinosaur and though he was warned, he didn’t really understand the dangers in his trip. Prior to his departure, we learn that everyone is happy with the President that had been recently elected. Travis, Eckels guide, warns the hunters that they must follow the rules given and that changing anything, no matter how small, can change the world in which they live. At that point they don’t know what kind of changes the wrong move would entail. During their trip the other hunters and Travis become upset with Eckels for not following the rules. Upon their return they see the changes that occurred due to breaking the rules. Their President was now the one they were originally opposed to and the language itself is different. This story is very similar to other stories about time travel and it really made me think about how we don’t realize how small actions can affect the bigger picture. In reality, we would have no way of knowing what one action or another can mean for our future. Hopefully, if we ever get to the point of time travel in the real world, we would first discover how changes to the past would affect the future before allowing just anybody to travel and possibly completely change our world.