“This Blessed House” is a story of a newly wed couple, who’s relationship starts to strain with the differences in their tolerance and intolerance. Sanjeev seems to represent a more traditional Indian man whereas Twinkle represents the modern Indian girl. She doesnt cook traditional Indian food, loves the statues and idols of Mary or Jesus that she finds in their new home and has a charming and outgoing personality. Although Sanjeev seems to be admiring parts of her personality, his reservedness along with his set  ways causes friction between their relationship. This story doesnt seem to be about just a strained marriage between 2 different people. It portrays on a bigger scale the differences people in society can have when they have 2 very differing opinions. For example, not only does a differ viewpoint of religion at times pull apart marriage mates, it has done that to close knitted countries and nations of people. The importance is having respect for the other person’s beliefs.


Patricia Lee