Jhumpa Lahiri’s “This Blessed House” shows the interaction between Twinkle and Sanjeev as they navigate through their first few months of marriage.  As they find more Christian paraphernalia in closets and bushes, you see the stark differences between the two characters.  While Sanjeev is introverted and practical, Twinkle saw the items as little treasures.  Despite the fact that both characters are young and look youthful, Sanjeev has a constant need to prove himself as an adult.  Twinkle’s child-like disposition made Sanjeev “him feel stupid, as if the world contained hidden wonders he could not anticipate, or see”.  Their stark personality contrasts and their inability to communicate were revealed every time Twinkle found another bust or snow globe.  Twinkle was ecstatic whenever a new Christian statue was found while Sanjeev would think of ways to hide it or throw it out (for fear of what others might think).

I think a lot of this story is Sanjeev trying to navigate through his feelings for Twinkle.  Though he hated the Christian busts and statues, he never got rid of anything other than the light switches.  He talks a lot about being unsure of his feelings and how he’s never been in love before so he doesn’t know what love should feel.  Even though he felt a “pang” as she descended down the ladder, he attributes a lot of that to her looks and her pearls.  At the end of the story, I’m still unsure of how he feels about her, but he lets her keep the bust and follows her anyway.