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    1. In ” Moving is Tough for kids” author describes benefits and disadvantages of moving form place to place and picking up families. I agree with author because moving place to place sometimes tough for adults so for children it is more tough. The only benefit is children can feel difficulty and will pass. After years the child do not feel difficulty when to move school to school because the children all ready pass difficult transition. When I was 14 years old we moved to new home and I didn’t sleep at night. I don’t know reason. When I moved to U.S I experienced negative reaction.

    2. I believe for both article ” moving is tough for kids” and “Rural communities left behind” have a strong explanation. Also, examples are from research and life experience. Rural communities left behind author used text self connection and text world connection therefore it’s more interesting and true facts.

    3. The articles “Computer and Privacy” and ” student response to Computer and Privacy” are in simple present tense. The computer and Privacy text is in simple present tense therefore the student response is simple present tense. In Summary essay writer use more from text to self connection, text to text connection or text to world connection. Also, the student gives example from text and add text to self connection.

    4. I believe the disadvantages from “Privacy and Technology” and distinguishing misinformation from facts in the Times article because the example is connecting to life experience . The people can see a many risks through the internet.

    5. I consider the worst condition in the world is starvation. On the planet people are so many but every one is different. Some people eat food more then three times a day and some people two times, some people less then two times. Some people one times in a week or less. Some people eat meet every day some people doesn’t. The thousands of people die of starvation. I bless the god I have everything but everyone need to eat , every child need to feed. If I would work in government I would make a group of team for people who are hungry. That team every month would go to the house who is poor and give them food like oil, potato, bread and etc. I don’t know my solution would work or not however I would try. I can not say it would resolve 100 % maybe 30% or more than it the world would change. If people would work with honest and without ignores the world would very different.

  1. “Recent research also revealed that “deep reading”—defined as reading that is slow, immersive, rich in sensory detail and emotional and moral complexity—is distinctive from light reading—little more than the decoding of words” I find this piece interesting because show me how two words are significant and can represent more than with can see. Deeper reading with an analysis of every single from that text and get a better conclusion of that meaning. Another thing is something more is harder the light reading because you only reading it and using it at the same time. Light reading is you only need to find that meaning of the world to complete that world.

  2. “These types of light reading lack a genuine voice, a viewpoint, or the sort of analyses that might stimulate thought. It’s light and breezy reading that you can skim through and will likely forget within minutes.” This quote means people will forget information easily when people light reading. That is interesting for me because I find the reason why I always forget the information after I read an article in the internet.

  3. “Deep reading occurs when the language is rich in detail, allusion, and metaphor, and taps into the same brain regions that would activate if the reader were experiencing the event.” This quote I would most interesting because I had same experience when I was reading a part that had connection to my life. It also shows how the brain response on different events.

  4. It says that deep reading is better because it activate our brain. And also that kind of reading improve our writing speaking and reading. And deep reading is beneficial because it the kind of reading that makes you feel the stories you reading like you are experiencing it.

  5. “the difference between deep and light reading”. In this article the author defined reading as deep and light reading. Also one is more beneficial than other’s.As she described deep reading prepare our brain to become more creative and sensitive to society.On the other hand light reading is kind of pointless like watching television.

  6. According to the text ”Deep reading is great exercise for the brain and has been shown to increase empathy, as the reader drives deeper and adds reflection analysis and personal subtext to what is being read” I found the quote is interesting because it giving us good points for deep reading. Deep reading is really good for our brain. Deep reading help to increase empathy, adds reflection analysis and personal subtext.

  7. “Time spent watching television is almost always pointless (your brain powers down almost immediately) no matter how hard you try to justify it.” I was quite surprised by this sentence because I know it may be wasting time if people using this method to learn but in the wrong way. However, in my personal experience, It could a good way to improve English by watching the series drama in English without the subtitle.

  8. “Time spent watching television is almost always pointless (your brain powers down almost immediately) no matter how hard you try to justify it, and reading fluff magazines or lightweight fiction may be entertaining, but it doesn’t fire up your writing brain.” I find this quote interesting to me because show how the tv and lightweight Magazines don’t have benefits to our brain, don’t matter how many time you spent.

  9. The difference between deep reading and light reading.
    When we are reading, our brain can indirectly connect our way of reading and writing. In order to do it well, we must understand about how deep reading can help us to interpret an article or a book in the right way. Light reading can’t catch as more information as deep reading does.

    This part of the article was very important for me, it makes me understand how helpful can be the deep reading while Im growing as a professional.

  10. Deep reading is the thinking and perception based on the constant understanding of the meaning of the work. For example, when reading a literary book, by studying the background and language characteristics of the work, combined with one’s own knowledge and experience, and then thinking about and understanding the work, trying to discover the meaning the author wants to say, this is a process of deep reading.

  11. In the article “From Anne Frank” and “An Immigrant’s Silent Struggle.” show people can learn something from the running time. In the article “From Anne Frank” the author use a pen’s life to show the time and the author understand everything will be gone like that pen.In the article “An Immigrant’s Silent Struggle.” the author use his feeling about move to the U.S. to show the time. Base on the time his feeling was change agin and again but he got an answer by the time.

  12. By these two history the authors indicate the by happiness sometimes and hard life. In the article « from Anne Frank » the shows us the the hard life that a young girl passing through by talking about her pen and the maturity of that young girl. In « an Immigrant’s silent struggle » the author is explaining the worry of a young man living hard time in the USA and expected to support and help his family in Ghana while he wanted to return to his native country but not really easy for him.

  13. In that different article with read each author use a different time method to pass that time. The first one from “Anne Frank” she use her age to know when is happening. The second time using big time skip to tell that time

  14. ‘Anne Frank’ and ‘an Immigrant’s Silent Struggle’ both tell us a story about their life.Their stories started at a certain time of their life and the stories progress as the time goes on and the readers feel time moved forward.Time reference or passage of time helps readers to understand the different events of the story.Anne Frank started her story when she got her pen and end with lost of that pen.As the story progress she described her feelings ,events and thoughts.an Immigrant’s Silent Struggle follows the same story line.So the passage of time is really important for readers to better understand of the events ,characters development ,different settings .

  15. According the From Anne Frank ” When I was nine…”, “when I was ten…”, ” When I was twelve…” the author indicate times with her ages, she telling her ages and it shows us the setting of the article.
    According the An Immigrant’s Silent struggle ” When I had left Ghana 10 years ago ” the author indicate setting using of past perfect tense.

  16. In the story of “Anne Frank” The author indicate the passage of time in her age show how the things changes to her pen by the age. In the article of “An Immigrants Silence struggle”the author use to designed the time by the years show how he life change after move to the U.S while the years passed.

  17. From the diary of Anne Frank I think the climax is when she lost accidentally her pen, because as she said in the story, her mountain pen was one of her priceless thing. She likes her pen so much and

  18. The climax in “ From the diary of Anne Frank” is “ my fountain pen was enjoying the last year of its life with me when…”. I think is that climax because I feel this is that part is where that reader is thinking about what happened to that pen. And is making it curious and worried.

  19. Climax is turning point of intensity and the moment of the story turns to conclusion. According to “From Diary of a young girl” the climax is Anne could not found her priceless pen and she got lost her pen. That is the climax of the story. That moment give us turns to conclusion .

  20. I think the climax of ‘From the Dairy of Anne Frank ‘ started at the point when she and her family started looking for the fountain pen.Because at this point readers also started feeling tension.And story goes on it’s creating more tension and drama.Because as a reader i want to what happen to the fountain pen!

  21. In “ From the Diary of Anne Frank” the climax is when she lost her pen because in this point she was disturbed about her pen, she felt anxiety and tension in this moment. I think this is the climax because this is the most tension part that the reader ask to himself what is going to happen, she will find the pen or not.

  22. When Anne Frank wrote about his pen at the beginning of the history, she related how priceless her pen was. There is no other point to understand that Anne Frank was so excited to spend a page and write about it.
    This is the climax that is giving the directions of this history, the reader can understand what is going to happen next.

  23. The similarities between the conclusion of Anne Frank story and the immigrant’s silent struggle is that both despite their sadness are trying to be strong and brave .taking that sadness and struggle as a force to be happy and make families feel proud of them.

  24. The similarities of the conclusions of Anne Frank story and an Immigrant’s Silent Struggle are that both write told their narrative story that happen to their life. The conclusion different between of Anne Frank story and an Immigrant’s Silent Struggle is that both story have different timeline.

  25. One differents I An immigrant silent struggle is he accept her new culture and Anne never accepts that loss of that pencil. Second is Anne has a sad end and the Immigrant a happy. One similarity is they both have a new experience in life.

  26. The similarities of Anne Frank story and an Immigrant’s Silent is authors both show their feel in conclusion. Struggle . The different of Anne Frank story and an Immigrant’s Silent is the conclusion of Immigrant’s Silent is more serious than Anne Frank story.

  27. The Anne Frank story is a diary in first person narrative story and an Immigrant’s Silent Straggle is a narrative story.Also they both share their feelings like sadness,straggle,thoughts,point of view.They both start their stories from past time and tried to predicted future.Anne Frank finished her story by telling her point of view on death.On the other hand the author of an Immigrant’s Silent Straggle tried to make a future plan for him.

  28. About the similarities of “Anne Frank” story and the “Immigrant’s Silent Struggle” story. They feel like they won a lottery. While Anne Frank feels excited about how her pen gets to her life the immigrant feels like there is no other better opportunity to change his life. Both of them has a priceless gift.

    Also they are a narrative story. The reader can feel the action of the story.

  29. In «  How I become a Mexican «  I think the element he develop the most is the « mood » because always in all the paragraph he was talking about how difficult his life was and will be . For example, in the first paragraph to the third paragraph he was sad ,angry , lonely and ashamed but in the last paragraph he was happy and thankful to his grandparents. And the element he develop the least is the « setting » because he mentioned the place and the time in a several time. for example when in the beginning he said « when I was thirteen my family moved to the United state from Mexico » and he keep talking about life in America.

  30. In “How I Became a Mexican American,” the best element that author developed was characters because in the story he didn’t really say how is the characters’ disposition. For example, ” ‘ Ale, we are moving to make a better life for you and your sister, and you will thanks us one day,’ they explain.The author use this quote to show the his grandpa was stubborn and tough. I think the author used five elements very well I can not find which element he used the least.

    1. Kaiden believe that the author developed all the fives element very well and she can’t find the element he developed the least. I think the least element the author developed the least is the « setting » because he mentioned it in several time and didn’t developed it as well .

  31. Out of five elements the character is the best element that the writer developed . A thirteen years old sad, confused, lonely, stressed boy who did not understand others feeling became a confident, happy, and friendly who started to understand others feeling. On the other hand the writer did not work that good on setting. He Talked about Mexico, his new school and USA but not in details. The writer did a really good job on developing characters especially his character who became more matured and learned not only take also give something back.

  32. The best element on “How I Became A Mexican American” is Mood because with see how the character be having different types of mood and the least setting because with not getting a lot of information except for school,Mexico and United states.

  33. In “How I became a Mexican American” one of the five elements that he developed the most was “the mood” because in he narrative story he describes he feeling and emotions after moving to America. For example at the beginning he felt stressful with he new life. The elements that he developed the least was the “sitting” because he only mentioned about Mexico and U.S in one period of time.

    1. Isory believe the best develop element is mood because he described his feeling and emotions. And the author developed setting least. I agree with her because the author described mood best and described setting least.

  34. In “How I became a Mexican Aerican”, charaters is one of the element that the student developed the best and setting is the least. The author described how his grandparents acted stragely to make the author embarrassed and indisposed towards the foreign country. On the author’s grandparents conversation, they are showing how they loved and missed their homeland which changed the author’s situation. For setting, events at school and home are bind to describe the characters of the author’s grandparents which is necessary but least important than the character description.

  35. In “How I became a Mexican American” story, the author can related very well the mood of the story. This part of the 5 elements of the narrative is the most used one.
    In every paragraph the reader can imagine how the drama and feeling was, for example, when his grandparents went to pick them up at the School, they felt so stressful, because they were screaming very happy to see the child again. This is a common situation in Spanish countries, but they were in the US, where things like that never happens.
    The story needs more characters. This part of the narrative the author did not use too many. I couldn’t imagine how were the grandparents feelings.

    Which one did he develop the least

  36. The author developed the best element is mood. He started the story with mood and he end the story with mood. For example, he described his feeling using language worrying, end of happiness, locked prospective, lonely , hopeless, stressful and etc. He started with stress and end with happiness. The author developed the least element is setting. He did’n describe exact time when the story happen.

  37. According to Mehra, out of the five elements the student developed the best is the mood. Mostly because through out the story the student described his feeling. But in the mean time he also transform himself from a sad ,lonely, self-centered boy to a more matured person who understand others feeling and willing to do something for them. And that’s show a character development. Also his grandparents who seems does not care about others feeling sacrificed a lot only to give them a better future.

  38. The climax of “The diary of a young girl” begins after when Anne Frank shows the reader how precious her pen was, which was from the first paragraph and we can tell that through the beginning of the story. She gets that pen from where her grandmother lives which point out that it’s getting from a place that may faraway from where she lives right now, then she used the details of how the pen accompanied her throughout her childhood to show the reader how precious the pen was to her.

  39. For the articles “From a diary of a young girl” and “An immigrant silent struggle” they were both great narrative essays, they both were followed the same strategies of including an introduction, a plot, a setting, characters, and a conclusion which was every good narrative essay should be included. By showing readers the details of mood, conversations and personality instead of telling them which was make the reader feels they were the character in the story.

  40. The similar experiences of immigration from “How I Became a Mexcian American,” “An Immigrant’s Slient Struggle” and “The Terror”are interpersonal relations and having a better life. The author in both stories were difficult on making relationship because of their language, region and color which cause the distance from locals. The other similar is to have better life on developed country. Base on the similarity, the economy of each families are diffenent. For example, Junot Diaz’s father has leukemia, a whole family immigration and an adult from poor country. Those differents are lead to different path.

  41. The similar experience in “How I Became a Mexican American,” “An Immigrant’s Silent Struggle” and “The Terror,” is all the character felt terrible when they moved to a new country. And they felt better after they adapt the environment of new country. The different experience in “How I Became a Mexican American,” “An Immigrant’s Silent Struggle” and “The Terror,” is they felt terrible base on different. In “How I Became a Mexican American,” the character felt terrible because he couldn’t understand why his grandparents decide move to America and he couldn’t speak English very well. In “An Immigrant’s Silent Struggle” the character felt terrible because people didn’t understand he who are in his native country, they think the character have a very first-rate life in America but he didn’t. In “The Terror,” the character felt terrible because he got racism from his classmate and have somebody bullying he.

  42. In “ How I became a Mexican American” , An immigrants’s Silent Struggle” and “The Terror” These each experiences are similar because each one show that how difficult is to adapt into a new life, with a new environment in a new country. In other hand, each one are different because each narrator wrote different challenges in their life but with the same purpose of be successful.

  43. “How I Became a Mexican American,” “An Immigrant’s Silent Struggle” and “The Terror,” they all have a common tell a similar story, and that is their struggle in a new land, or in a new life style. All three authors face some similar difficulties. Like, they all left behind their way of life, friends, and tried to get use to in a new culture. Also they moved out from their countries, so they can have a better future. They also have some differences too. They struggled for different things. For example, language barrier, self identity, or being bullied by others. They also learnt different lesson from their struggle, and that’s transformed them into a better person.

  44. The similarity about each of the experiences is that all of was facing almost the same reality about immigration. For example, nostalgia for their origins countries and the fact of being new in a foreign country with its own daily realities. The difference about each experiences is that ,in « An immigrant’s silent struggle » he was just struggling in the USA and was missing so much his country and wanted to return there. in « How I became Mexicain American » he was in the beginning disagree coming to the USA and was struggling with his new life , but at the end he felt very comfortable and thankful. And « The Terror » he was struggling about everything in the USA ( racisme, poverty and the fact of being alone).

  45. The similarlity between ” How I became a Mexican American,” and “An Immigrant’s Silent Struggle” are they both are talk about the same kind of topic which is Immigration, also both of the essays are have a great backgrounds, even if there is struggle at beginning but in the end it’s all solved. The different of ” How I became a Mexican American,” “An Immigrant’s silent struggle” and “The terror”, The terror it’s more different than the other two because the author does not have a lovely family, even some brothers will bully at him and also the topic of “The terror” is more like author showing his unfortunate life.

  46. In “moving is Tough for Kids”. I’m not completely agree with the author because there is not disadvantages for moving, I think there is also some benefits for the children’s future. For example the neighborhood they moved on can better and safe for the kids than their last neighborhood , or financially they will better than the last place. When I was kid I did not move. When I came to the USA I experienced one element in the article , when author said that some families came to a town not knowing if they would be there for one years or a lifetime. As a result they set never really committed to staying; they never make friends; they never set down roots. So I came came to the

    1. So when I came to the USA, I moved too time and then moved to Philadelphia, but I don’t really have friend, I still can’t fit in anything here because I don’t know if I will move soon or not.

  47. I’m agreed with this author because children who moved a lot when there are too young don’t make any relationship in any place. One disadvantage of moving to change the behavior of adults and kids the give reasons for getting negative reasons, or can be made to get bullying. Yes, when I came from the Dominican Republic I feel I was left behind in class or when they started doing another different homework from school.

  48. I agree with the author that moving to a new place have disadvantages for children because the pain of disenchantment can be profound when child leave their friends of neighbor and the old place where had already grown the emotion. On the other hand, moving is a chance to make more friends. I didn’t have the moving experience but immigrated to the U.S is the other way of moving which has some of the elements that are described in the article. Before I came to the U.S, I had the same feeling of sad when I was leaving my best friends and classmates which caused my being shy in a new country for a short time but after few days I got rid of it because during that time I was always chatting and face time to my friends.

  49. In “ Moving is tough for Kids” I am agree with the disadvantages of the author describe. In my childhood I never moved to another place, but when I come to the U.S. I have many experience how describe the author, I was missing my family and friends. Most of the the time I felt dreary and lonely because I couldn’t adapt to a new environment. In other hands moving to a new place also have benefit how to have a better life or better economic.

  50. I agree with author’s idea that moving have disadvantage for children. I agree with author because adapt a new place is hard for some children and children could lose their friends after they moving to other place.When I was young I didn’t move to a new place. I came the U.S. at four years ago when I was in 15 years old. I really could not contact with my friends because I was try to join a new place. It’s hard to me to join a new place, a new school and make new friends, so I do not have time and energy to contact my friends who were in China. Actually, there have other reason like time difference and we all have to focus on the study. Therefore, I agree with author’s idea.

  51. In “Moving is Tough for Kids”, the author described her experiences of moving to places. Moving place to place has many disadvantages, as well as some advantages too. I agree with author that it effects on the kids most. It is very important for kids to have a familiar place, people and friends, because it will help them to feel Cromford, a steady environment to grow up and get through difficult times, like puberty. I think moving to new places can be helpful for kids if they able to make new friends, but most of the time it is very difficult for kids to forget their old friends and start again. As a kid I never moved, so when I moved to America, I had some difficulties mostly because of different language and culture.

  52. I agree with with what author have been discussed people especially kids should not moving too frequent because It is hard for kids to make a long term relationship with some other particularly for kids who are introverted but I didn’t say you can’t make any moving. I personally moving a lot when I am still a 5 year old kid, I have been moving around 5 times I think because my parent reach hard to provide me with the best education they could of offered. On the other hand the disadvantage of moving its also an advantage because you can make more friends that above then anyone else that are some age with you.

  53. I do not believe both author of “Moving is Tough for Kids” and “Rural Communities Left Behind,” provide strong explanations. I think the author of “Rural Communities Left Behind,” provide a stronger explanation because the author used some studies to show his idea. Also, he shows his idea very clearly. He used 5-paragraph model to show his idea that is very easy for me to catch the main idea of the article.

  54. “Moving is Tough for Kids” and “Rural Communities Left Behind ” , Both author use cause and effect that explain clearly the main idea, but “Rural Communities Left Behind” provide a strong explanations of each circumstance because give more evidence and details of the study found.

  55. I believe the “Moving is though for Kids” has a stronger argument. Because in almost every paragraph of the article the author gives a reason why is something happening or what happens if you do it.

  56. In « Moving is Tough for Kids » and « Rural communities left behind » , I believe that each both authors provide strong explanations for why each circonstances occurs and occurred. I also believe that « Rural Communities Left Behring » provides the most stronger argument because there is more cause and effect for moving, but also the different reasons that cause outmigration. In that article, I thing the author are talking about different generation not only kids, while in «  Moving is Tough for Kids » The author discussed more for kids moving’s struggle.

  57. “Moving is Tough for Kids” and “Rural Communities Left Behind,” both are excellent example of cause and effect pattern writing, and both authors provide strong explanations to prove their points. In “Moving is Tough for Kids”, the author mostly give us her own experiences and believes to make an argument. Like, she moved a lot, her son had a emotional break down, and what her family did after moving to a new town, and her own thought. On the other hand, “Rural Communities Left Behind” the author mostly discuss why people move to larger cities from rural areas, and use data, examples to prove his point, and they are true for everybody, so I believe he did a good job to explain the reason of moving ,as he use “left behind”.

  58. “Moving is Tough for Kids” and “Rural Communities left behind.” The authors of the two articles they both provided great explanations to support their thesis. However, I personally believed that the article “Rural Communities left” would be more stronger. The reason for it was that the author included his personal experience of what he seen these years which was connected to his topic and I believed it would be more convince me as a reader.

  59. After read the article “Computers and Privacy”. I felt worried about my privacy, and I took off my location in Snapchat. In other hand, I do not share any information that is not necessary in my social medial. However I don’t know someone who had private information stolen.

  60. According to « computer and privacy », I’m concerned about my privacy , when I use internet. To protect myself so that no one can take my information and use it, I avoid sharing all my private life in internet and specially giving information about all my trips. Another way to protect my privacy ( bank account) , As the Author said in the text, I shop only in secure websites so that one’s account, password, and financial records are protected. I never had my private information stolen and I know nobody who has had their private information stolen, but I know that it happens all the time.

  61. According to “Computers and Privacy,” I am not concern about my privacy when I use the internet. I never give my real information for those unofficial websites and software. For my friend who stolen the private information. He has good social intercourse which he posts a lot of messages online, like Twitter. One day he had a conflict on the internet, his address, and phone number exposed after one day, and he was afraid that someone comes for his home for revenge.

  62. I usually did not concerned about my privacy when I used the internet. Actually, I am not shopping at internet and in my social app do not have any stranger so I really do not worried about my information. I haven’t know anyone around me private information stolen.

  63. I know people lost their privacy when there start using the internet. For my protection, I try to not use all my information and carefully ready when I need to fill in important information. Yes, she tries to contact to support that app and had that chance to talk.

  64. The article “Computers and Privacy” by Robert Erani, demonstrate how dangerous can be the internet if we use it inappropriately. Most of the people are giving a lot of private information in their social media accounts, and they are not thinking about the consequences that someone can steal their identities.
    I’m not aware of identity theft on the internet. If this happens to me, then I will begin to take more care of what I show to my friends. When we are showing the place of travel where we are, we are not only share it with our friends, but also with people that we do not know.
    One of my friend was traveling to other city, and by mistake he showed his credit card in one of their post. He got stolen by someone else, his credit card showed purchases from other city, and he doesn’t know who were.
    We have to be more carefully when we are posting out private life on the internet.

  65. According to “Privacy and Computers”, the author warn us the risk of sharing information online. Some people shared details of their personal information, and didn’t use secure websites to purchase products, so they were robbed. It’s a warning from the author, and he also gave some suggestion like, never share your details of your personal lives, or always be careful about your financial, account information, and password. I am agree with him. I am always concern about my privacy and security, so I always try to use secured websites, and ask questions before giving out my personal information.

  66. The tense I noticed on “Privacy and Computer” is narrative essays base on “Despite such concerns, by following a few common-sense measures, people can use the internet enjoyably and safely”. Base on people with can know how the lack of privacy.

  67. In “ Privacy and Computers” and the student response to “ Privacy and Computers” I noticed different tenses, but two tenses shows up many times in both text. It is the simple present and the present progressive. I think for these types of essays use those tenses because what they discussing in the Text is happen everyday and it continue. For example in “ privacy and computer” when the author said in the introduction,“ in an era of online social media, people can announce any event to their virtual network of friends, family, and acquaintance within moments” the used the simple present because it is the present.

  68. In “Privacy and Computers” and the Student Response to “Privacy and Computers” the authors used simple present in their text. I think simple tense suits these types of essay because now is the technology and internet era and the topic of these assay is about the internet and technology. All things that in the essay is always happen in our life so simple present suits these essay.

  69. In “ Privacy and Computer “ and the student response to “Privacy and Computer” the tense is present progressive . I observed this tense because the article describes in a era of online, showing the main idea how the people who are not considered about personal information in social media has the possibility that their information could be stolen by criminals. I think the this essay show this tense because in a era of technology this can happen now or in the future.

  70. The most used tense in both articles are the simple present and simple progressive. The article “Privacy and Computer” and de student summary were written in the present. I can be sure that the articles about technology, and era are most of the time written in simple present. Because it relates the technology of the present. This article does not talk about past technology. Virtual identity theft is a reality that we experience every day.

  71. I realized In the article “Privacy and Computers” and the Student Response to “Privacy and Computers” both essays used simple present tense which is suitable for both two essays because both of them is talking about how the internet affects people’s life basic on what they have seen and experienced in their life which is great. It’s another writing strategy that we can use to have different feels about reading.

  72. The author and the student both used simple present tense to write there essays. In the article “Privacy and Computers”, the author uses mostly simple present tense because he was talking about internet. The internet is not a thing, or event from past, or future. It is very much present, and as long as we using the internet, or it has effects on us, it will be a thing of present. The author also tried to make a connection with our every day lives by writing the article “Privacy and Computers”, in simple present tense. The student uses the present tense to response an article which was written in present tense.

  73. In my opinion, I think that the benefits of computer use outweigh the disadvantages because we use internet in many ways that represent benefits for us, but also using internet thinking that it safe ,can lead us to dangers, to our own life sometimes. For example, you can send some kind of pictures to your boyfriend thinking that nobody can have it, but someone can have those pictures and harass you. It’s mean that internet is very dangerous the way it is important.

  74. After I read “Privacy and Computer” and misinformation from facts, I believe that the benefits of computer use outweigh the disadvantages. In article “Privacy and Computer”, Internet is a tool to connect friends and family, like Facebook and Twitter. However, in the article misinformation from fact shows that those software had published false information. But I still believe that computer has more benefits because there are numerous teaching resources on the internet which we can touch, like media literacy education. If we had study media literacy education, misformation from Facebook and Twitter is gone. Therefore, computer has more benefits of computer use outweigh the disadvantages.

  75. In my opinion, Internet its like double-edged of sword, you have to use it thoughtfully and correctly otherwise it would give criminals chances to do something dangerous . However, people who can use power of internet correctly would be an advantage in 21 century. For example, back the time of my parents era, they can not have a strong connection with the friends who are far away from them, even if they send letters to each other, it may also need at least few weeks to arrive then take another few weeks to received the response from friend , but now people only need few second to received the message from each other in 21st century. This is an advantage of internet.

  76. The advantages of using the internet are many more than the disadvantages. In the article “To recognize misinformation in media, teach a generation while it’s young” mentions how important the internet is, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of the internet has grown immensely. While we were in quarantine, we used a lot “Amazon Fresh” to have our groceries delivered. It gave us calm and secure in the house, and without having to go out to expose our lives. There is a list that i can mention about advantages of the internet, but we also need to be very careful where we share our information.

  77. Considering that I’m gonna come back in the next life, I would fight for one of the most problems in Africa and all over the world , the humiliation suffered by immigrant . Nowadays people are dying every single minute all over the world because of hunger and those who wanted to escape from that for a better future, sometimes find themselves in an inimaginable condition. Some of the immigrant died in the road, or the river and some of them who got the change to arrive in their destination are treated like a dog. I would like to fight for that by given a chance to the immigrants ,considering them like a human being, and also try to understand why do they have to sacrifice their life or they family life because sometimes some of them bring their children with them. I’m not saying that to open all the border for immigrants, but it just that people should try to tread them with respect and pity. It is not fair to break a hole family dreams juste like that , by separating a child from his mother, by repatriating immigrants like an slave. I just wanted equality because I consider that all humans being are equal , and for treating someone like a slave we should imagine ourself in their place, so that we should be very careful about our action that maybe will catch with us in the next life, or even later in this life.

  78. In the article from Alexander “What if We’re All Coming Back?” the author points out the concept of reincarnation which describes life as Karma. If I were reborn, hunger and gun violence occur everywhere would be the worst situation for me. It means political failure and poor governance.

    If I were reborn in this situation, I would try my best to help those troubled people at first, and then solve the root cause of the problem – politics. I will establish a volunteer organization based on the premise of ensuring my own survival. This organization is based on those who have been persecuted politically. Free daily food supply is the initial intention, and then gradually expand from small areas to the most serious areas. The volunteer organization seems normal, but it is a foundation for the ultimate goal. Gun violence is undoubtedly the result of improper government control. Therefore, if we want to solve this problem, we should start from the people and gradually obtain the support of the civilians, which is the purpose of establishing volunteer organizations. The leaders of the March get in touch with the government, and the growing public trust forced the government to make changes when volunteers continue to protest and march.

    Morality is an invisible restraint shackle. It is the standard principle or code of conduct followed by moral principles. The criterion of conforming to morality is good, and the criterion of disobeying morality is evil. There is no contradiction in morality itself, and the executor will have conflicts when executing the code according to moral principles.

  79. The worst situation where I think I can have is no to have the support of my family, adding to this problem any personal addition. Because having these two problems sometimes better them be alone or get domestic violence from a person you don’t know.

    Firstly to fix my present life, I need to fix these problems of addictions and have a supportive family to get the need to have a better place to stay. A place where people cant be so toxic to each and other and be like a rural place with not too many people, and where I have family waiting for me anytime. Because staying in a place where you get the addiction to something can be where the problem starts. But the hard part is to fix the addiction because is something the can be really hard to stop so maybe the time in a different place can change my attitude. If I still don’t have the requirement to maybe have a better life them this I don’t know what can people do to change their fates or destiny.

  80. In the article, “what If we are coming back?, the author Michele Alexander talks about reincarnation, or the possible effect of believing reincarnation in our life. According to her article, if someone earn a good karma, he/she will have a better life after reincarnation.
    If I consider of coming back in a next life, the worst possible condition on the planet will be a world ravaged by climate change. Most likely, it will happen because of different political decisions. According to world’s leading scientists, global warming is increasing in a alarming rate because of some political decisions like, campaign to use more fossil fuel in industries. Also political system encourage private corporations to earn more money by destroying world’s climate. We need to take some steps to preserve our world’s climate. first, we need some strong regulations to preserve world’s climate. We also need to reduce of using fossil fuels. We need to plant more trees to reduce greenhouse gases.
    It is not a easy task for one person to preserve world’s climate, but it will be easy if all work together. Believing in reincarnation will act as an inspiration to fight for a better world to be born into.

  81. I think the worst condition on the planet is our environment become terrible. In my opinion, the power of nature is beyond human resistance. Front of nature people’s power is so tiny, if people want to live on the planet most know how to live in peace with nature.Therefor, I think people should start thinking how to make our environment become better.
    I think people should limited to use plastic products. Most plastic products are not life necessities but we used plastic products. Plastic products have terrible effect for our environment, also discarded plastic bags will harm the animals and plants in nature. People can use cloth or paper bag to take goods. The plastic products not the only choice.
    I think people should always stay in awe of nature. People from the nature and all things that people need are from nature. We should take care our living environment to make sure the nature is healthy. Limited use plastic products is a small thing we need and must to do. We need do many things to keep our living environment and nature is healthy because we are a part of the nature.

  82. According to the article, ” What If We All Coming Back,” Michele Alexander indicates that If reincarnation exists then people will be reborn and have their own second life. However, the most important factor for humans to have a peaceful and secure life is the live environment.
    If I could have a chance to be reborn to come back in the next life, then the worst conditions I would be worried about are gun violence and drug abuse. The reason it is the most terrible condition for me it’s because I don’t want to die accidentally, live for no hope, that’s not the world that I want to live in. Therefore If this is happening to me, The first thing I want to do is to lay the foundation for the establishment of the government. My goal is to create a government to manage and protect ordinary people, and limit the use of guns and the proliferation of drugs. Second, find some people who have the same wishes as me and invite them to work together for the life of our dreams.
    The biggest power of the world is when people from all over the world get united and determined to do something to change the future and that will be unstoppable.

  83. Blog of Monday November 30.
    I consider the worst conditions are gun violence. Gun violence is a leading cause of premature death on the plane. The issue of gun violence is complex because it is a risk for our families and communities to guarantee their safety, and reduce the incidence of gun violence whether by homicide, suicide, or mass shootings. I consider that if I am going to come back in my next life I prevention efforts guided by research on developmental risk can reduce the likelihood that firearms will be introduced into community and family conflicts or criminal activity. Prevention efforts can also reduce the relatively rare occasions when severe mental illness contributes to homicide or the more common circumstances when depression or other mental illness contributes to suicide.

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