Online Discussion Rubric 021 Writing

Essay #1 Text Based Response

This paper will help students to develop strong skills in structuring essays.  Students will begin their introductions by summarizing their passage. They will then develop their own thesis, the body paragraphs and a conclusion.  

Narrative Essay #2

 Students will develop their own narrative essay that considers various themes and structures from other passages we have read and analyzed.  They will be able to brainstorm using their own experience, their knowledge of global culture and the texts we have read in order to tell their own story. 

Essay #3 Text based response with research

Students will continue to hone their reading and analytical skills, while building on their practice of annotation, brainstorming and outlining. They will read more sophisticated material  (NYT, WAPO, WSJ etc) and, starting with a library research/citation workshop, learn to use the internet and other sources to research topics both closely and tangentially related to their essay topic. They will also begin to evaluate the reliability of sources. Students will consider higher level ideas, use more sophisticated vocabulary and will employ more critical thinking skills as they develop connections between the arguments in their text, their own arguments, and the arguments they find in their research.