Project #6: four inch square transparency/pattern

1 – Allow a 1 and 1/2″ margin all around, create a grid that is
made of 4 squares across and 4 down for a total of 16 squares measuring 1″ x 1″ each. (7″square overall).

2 – Select two muted colors to alternate in the checkered pattern

3 – Impose the pattern unit  made up of 3 blobs that you developed upon it. They will have the following positions:: Original, 90º rotated, flipped, flopped.*
Making decisions about where transparencies will occur in the checkered grid and the top color will be affected by the one underneath.

4 – Decide where or when there will be pattern parts that will be opaque.

5 – Use 6 accents, 3 each of (pick two shapes) squares, triangles, rectangles in opaque black and white on top of the pattern.

Colors: 2 muted colors for checkered field
4 for the blobs; this means the colors distribution
will appear three times since there are 12 blobs total.

black and/or white for the accents

Use transparencies in your plans. Remember, these are made of anticipating how colors would look if they were films.