Project 4 “Spots” drawings

The “Spot” Project

Part A:
Create three completely different “spots”, in tone, with soft pencil. (2B, 3B, 4B and Ebony).
Use tone only.
You cannot “think” it up. It must be developed.
Get me to OK the “spots”.

four thumbnails for each drawing composition. (For 3 variables, for 5 variables,
for 7 variables)

Part B:
Create three  drawings on 11″x 14″ drawing (not Bristol) paper, each with ONE type of “spot”. These drawings must follow some rules:
1- drawn in TONE

2- not created in line
3- must have at least 20 of the same type of spot per drawing
4- no prethought or imitated symbols
5- no geometric solids or graphic (no circles, spheres, cubes, squares or tetrahedrons)
6- no recognizable thing


one drawing must include 3 of the variables

one drawing must include 5 of the variables

one drawing must include all 7 of the variables

one of the drawings has to have 50/50 overall of light to dark for the entire page

Viewers should be able to tell which of the variables you are using from looking at the drawing.

The variables:

• size

• scale

• proportion

• distance

• density

• interval

• direction

List the variables used on the back of each drawing, along with your name.