Project #5: Transparency and Composition

Transparency and composition project
Taking the sample you liked best from the class composition exercise, work the linear expressions into two dimensional shapes and into a strong dramatic composition being mindful of the variables we have been using throughout the semester such as:
– size
– position
– distance
– interval
– density
– scale
Cut a window out from a letter size white paper that is 5″x 7″. Place the paper frame on a sheet of black construction paper. This will be your work area to decide your design. Tape the frame to the black construction paper.

Use additional tracing paper to cut the shapes in several sizes to arrange them in the 5″ x 7″ space┬á on black construction paper. Use your selected work from the class exercise as a starting composition guide.
Place one sheet of tracing paper that has the 5″ x 7″ fame drawn, over each of the arrangements as you finish them and trace 6 of your best compositions. You will have 6 sheets of tracing paper compositions to select from. Bring them numbered [close to the lower right corner] of the drawn frame, to class.

FINISH UP TO THIS POINT FOR CLASS, DUE Mon., Nov. 23. No Exceptions. Be prepared to continue work in class.

After we have selected one from the six, transfer the composition to Bristol paper.
On the tracing selected, use colored pencil to determine the transparencies making sure
you have:
– 3 shapes with 2 layers of partial overlapping transparencies
– 3┬á shapes with 3 layers of partial overlapping transparencies

For the shapes’ colors include:
– primary,┬ásecondary and┬átertiary colors
– tints (up to 2)
– tones (up to 2)
– one shade [if it is not too dark]

For the background use a middle gray or other neutral achieved with complementary colors. You may use one that is gotten by mixing achromatic paint and one that is made by mixing two complements and white or gray.

Craft counts!
Be certain to mix your colors with the painting knife, not the brush.
Work the edges first and then fill with paint made to the proper consistency of
water and paint mixed with the painting knife NOT the brush.

For presentation you will have:

– original newsprint composition selected to work from.

– color swatch schemes on Bristol.

– 6 tracing paper drawings including one with color pencil plans

– Finished professionally painted composition