Assignment #10B

My example of an imagined future in pop culture would be the dystopian future in The Divergent Series.  The Divergent Series is a book series, but it is currently being made into movies.  The setting takes place in Chicago in the future.  The series contains many aspects of classism and classification.  The world is divided into five factions with their own meanings: Erudite(knowledgeable), Candor(honesty), Amity(peacefulness), Dauntless(bravery), and Abnegation(selflessness).  There is also a place for those who do not fit in with the factions and that population is called the Factionless.  The people who fall into one of the categories are placed in their correct group.  The information is basically restricted because the people have been programmed to only possess the characteristics that align with their group. For example, those in the Candor faction can’t lie and always have to be honest; they are programmed to tell the truth. The factions exist because the people in power, those belonging to the Erudite faction(the knowledgeable people), don’t want the population to possess the characteristics people possess today; they would be considered too powerful and dangerous.  The entire concept of the series has to do with information because those in authority want to keep as much information as they can away from the population, so they take away each person’s true nature and strip them down to their best characteristics.  Everything about everyone is in the hands of those with the most knowledge.  The technology is advanced and there is a high emphasis on science and technology.

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