Right to be forgotten assignment 3B


I think that people to have the right to keep certain things private. We live in a technological age where everything and anything is online. I recently googled my mother’s entire name and her phone number popped up as well. Phone numbers and addresses are things that people should have the right to keep private. A simple phone number can give others access to so much information about yourself, and unfortunately it is very easy to find online and that is a problem.

I don’t believe that the 1st amendment plays a huge role in terms of the right to be forgotten. Yes, the public should be allowed to express opinions and have their own opinions. However, the public should not have exclusive information about others who wish to keep certain things private.

Digital identity is what a person is on the Internet. What kind of information is out there on us. The word identity is what represents you. When we’re talking about “digital identity” what identifies you on the web. Our digital identities might be based on our social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc…  So it is critical that people understand and are aware of everything that they post on the Internet.

I strongly believe that the government controls everyone’s digital identity. As much as we think that our social media is entirely ours and we can post whatever content we want. That is not true, if the government sees content as a threat they will remove it and take it down. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be a threat, if it goes against the government things will get taken down.




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