Assignment #3B

I believe people do have the “right to be forgotten”.  If you don’t want your information to be exposed on the web you should have the right to request any personal data to be taken off immediately. Regardless of the 1st amendment “free speech”, people have the “right to be forgotten” if the information that is being displayed is too personal for the world to know.  Unfortunately, although you may demand for your information to be taken off certain sites, it does not mean you are completely non-existent from the internet. For example, Gary Kovac’s demonstration of the “collusion” also known now as “lightbeam” explains how your data can travel through so many various third party sources throughout the web, with just one single post or like on any site out there.  Digital identity in fact plays a huge part in this aspect.

Digital identity is a collection of data from each individual that is available throughout the internet.  When we use any website whether it is Facebook or even Google, we are being recorded or some might say tracked each time.  It is almost as if someone is jotting down notes about us in their own personal notepads and then sharing that information with others.  I do not believe there is any way to tell who is in control over our digital identity.  What I do suppose is that the government plays a big role when it comes to the collection of our data and daily lives whether it is recording what we do or say on the web, phone calls, text messages, and even listening in on what we talk about through online video games. On the other hand, I do not feel they have complete control over all digital information being that with certain major technical companies they need permission to access their private data systems and may run the chances of being denied during their first initial attempt.



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