Assignment 1B

The text I choose was “Employers find soft skills like critical thinking in short supply” by the wall street journal.  This article is a digital format I found online. In this article the author Davidson talks about how companies are finding it more difficult to employ workers due to lack of personalty traits to fulfill the job requirements. Now companies are not only looking for a good reliable resume but also to see if your personality fits the job too. Companies are wasting money to pay psychologist to interview a person and determine if their personality traits fit the job. This creates a problem for companies and workers who are seeking a job. The standards for employment are increasing which can affect the job opportunities in the field. I think the digital version makes it much easier to read this article because they attach images to the article and the context of the article is informative and has data in it. For example a data example is “In a Wall Street Journal survey of nearly 900 executives last year, 92% said soft skills were equally important or more important than technical skills.” These factors influenced the way I read in a better way because I know the text is not dull and it is reliable/informative.

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