Wednesday, May 18th

ENT 4499 Students,

We have just contacted six or so students who were recommended for the selected presentations. Once they all confirm of their availability and after we finalize the schedule, we may announce the list of presenters. Or, it will be nice if you all can show up no matter who the presenters are!

If you are not chosen this time, you may be disappointed, but like I mentioned throughout the semester, if you worked hard, it is possible that you may receive an excellent course grade anyway without being among the presenters tomorrow. 

Here is some info. on how you can join or view the session from 2:30 pm to 4 pm:

Meeting ID: 876 7944 1967

Passcode: 478149

The presentations will be on YouTube live (see the link below).It is possible for you to write comments and questions at the link. However, we will likely not have time to read them:

Thank you,



Thursday, May 5th

In case any changes occur, please always check the presentation schedule:


Sunday, April 24th

For those students who are producing a short film. At least two days before your presentation, you need to have your video uploaded online (YouTube or Vimeo etc. with or without passcode), and send out an e-mail to all faculty in our department to introduce who you are (supposed we don’t know you), the duration of your film, and the content. Then, indicate the time and date of your presentation to invite everyone to your presentation.This is a tradition in ENT 4499. This way, the faculty can view your film before your presentation whether we can attend it or not.

All the best!


Hello, Hope you are well!

Here is the timeline to complete your project successfully on time:

First of all, you can’t present your project without the final approval of your technical advisor. In other words, you are not allowed to present a project, which you think is complete. This is very important.

You should try to have your project 90% done before the spring break (April 15 – 22). Meet your technical advisor before the break to receive some feedback. Make some improvement during the break. Then, meet with your advisor again right after the break. Then, you still have about one week to make any adjustments. This way, you will be prepared to present during the 13th week of the semester. The in-class presentations will be held during the 13th and 14th weeks. Be ready to present during the 13th week. If you aim at the 14th week and if there is any delay, you will most likely not complete your project this semester.

It is required for you to meet with your advisor at least three times throughout the semester. I often meet with my students more often than that. At every meeting, you should show some great improvement after the previous meeting. Otherwise, there would be no point for having the multiple meetings. OK?

All the best!