A foundation course in typography

Category: Announcement

The mid-term exam is scheduled for Wednesday, October 26th. It will cover all that we’ve learned so far. Please take the time to review your notes, the reading assignments and the updates that have been posted on this website.

You may also want to download this document, Adobe Type Primer, which contains most of the information about typography that we’ve covered.

Housekeeping Rules for Google Drive

When using Google Drive and submitting your assignments for review, please keep these rules in mind.

  • PLEASE BE CAREFUL – When you are trying to add or delete YOUR work, please pay attention to what you are doing. Someone inadvertently  deleted the class folder for the SELF POSTER project and I quite a bit of time trying to find it and restore it. Delete YOUR item and NOT the whole folder. 
  • UPLOAD YOUR WORK AS PDFs ONLY – When I ask you to submit your work to a folder for grading, DO NOT upload an InDesign document. Save your InDesign file to as PDF file. If your file is not submitted correctly, I will not acknowledge it. If you’re not sure how to save your file as a PDF, please ask.