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Hi !

My name is Jessica Tang and I’m a freshmen. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve always been bullied throughout my childhood, but despite those times, Anime and Gaming became a part of my life. From watching Anime at a young age of 6, I’ve started to become fascinated with the art style and decided to become a Manga Artist. However, after doing some research, I’ve dropped that goal since 8th grade. At that point in time, I didn’t know who I wanted to be anymore until a friend introduced me to a game known as League of Legends. I was very inspired that many artists contributed to the game, even if it was for only one particular art. The community was always growing and that’s when I made up my mind; I want to be a concept artist for Riot Games. If I enjoy playing the game so much, it would be an honor to work for them as well.

I’m pretty shy despite not acting like it; because of it, I’m also socially awkward as some of my friends say. I look pretty dead nowadays because sleep isn’t something I like to do as it takes away time. I feel like I could be doing a lot more besides sleeping. I like to draw Anime for fun once in awhile via tablet or paper, watch Anime that’s currently in season [Re:Zero, D. Gray Man: Hollow, Danganronpa 3, Shokugeki no Souma, and Phoenix Wright], and of course play some games with friends [Hearthstone, League of Legends, Osu]. And now, I’d like to give credit to Viviana for designing my name tag. Despite having 10 minutes to spare, I think it looks fine. In the end, the bio explains who we are.

Carmen Tan

My name is Carmen. I was born in New York. I majored in Illustration in High School. I was debating on what to major in for a while and decided to try Graphic. I am an indecisive and quiet person but once I’m comfortable with you, I would talk more. I tend to be lazy at times when I shouldn’t be. I like to hang out with my friends or family during my free time. I also like to travel and take pictures. I’m looking forward to learning more about Graphic Design, I would like thank Nicole for creating my nametag.


My name is Heather, ¬†I love design, drawing, travelling ¬†and carpentry. Anytime there is a paper in front of me it will be filled up with nonsensical scribbles/doodles. I have always loved design ¬† but it always seemed like something ¬†that was too big of a gamble to try and make a career out of so I pursued ¬†other ¬†career paths instead, ¬†I wouldn’t trade those experiences but I am always drawn back to art/design be it graphic, architecture, ¬†or industrial.

My name tag was made by Tramain. We spent a little too long in the interview/brainstorming phase. Our time management will have to be better next time.

Hey, my name is Ezra!

My name is Shalimar but I prefer to be called Ezra. I am going to be 19 in a few days and I grew up for the most part in Queens, NYC and I’m Puerto Rican [Although most believe otherwise haha]. ¬†Growing up I was always into the creative side of myself and always caught drawing or doodling on any paper honestly. In middle school, I really began to attempt to take it seriously but it was then when I was in 8th grade I found my love for anime Japanese¬†styled drawings. Following to high school I began to really explore more anime and found ¬†myself loving Tokyo Ghoul, Fairy Tail, Deadman Wonderland, Magi, Mirai Nikki [Particularly dark/horror/gore anime/manga series and I’d name my favorite manga but then this would be too long] etc. Now as I explored the Asian culture more I found a super interest in ¬†kpop/khh which translates to Korean pop/Korean hip-hop music which is a very big part of my life now for 6 years [EXO, Monsta X, B.A.P, BTS, AOMG, VIXX, GOT7, Bewhy, V-Hawk].

Currently, I draw digitally in anime style on my Wacom¬†bamboo art tablet for about 3-4 years now. I hope to improve more and more in it but I have plenty of time until I can say I am personally¬†proud of my work. Also, I’d like to mention finally I have an odd addiction to ice cream and if I can have any sweet I’d eat forever it’d be that.¬†Also, I’d like to thank my new COMD 1100-1167 friend Christian for my name tag using my love for Tokyo Ghoul as inspiration!

Christian Martinez

Hey everyone, my name is Christian Martinez and I am from Queens. I also go by Chris for short, in case the name tag confused you for a minute. The reason I am here is because of my dream to become a game designer. I know that I can’t just jump straight to that, so I have to start small, and that’s where this class comes in. Ever since I was little, I was always into video games, and as I saw them evolve into what they are now, I only grew more amazed. Not only that, but as I got older, I even started to appreciate animations more, mostly from some online shows. I thought about how people were able to make stuff like that, and it inspired me to want to work in that field.

I can be described as somewhat lazy, but when it comes to work (and whatever I’m interested in), I do my best to get it done and to get it right. I’m into anime like Naruto, Dragon Ball and One Punch Man. Of course, I like more, but I’m not going to get into it right now. I’m a gamer at heart, which is the main reason why I want to do the whole game designer thing. I’m into games like Final Fantasy, Uncharted, Destiny, etc. I’m also into Marvel Comics (this extends to the movies) and DC Comics. In the future, I want to help make the games that people around the world would play. I would like to thank Ezra for creating this name tag for me. I did tell her she could have used other anime sources, since she just used stuff from Naruto, but I still like it. I mean, it was one of the first animes I ever watched growing up, so I’m cool with it.

Hey, My name’s Christof

Well I am 18 years old coming into this class and my main goal is to get good at this subject through practice and dedication. I have spent most of my life influenced by anime and video games. Anime like Dragonball Z and Naruto and video games like Mario Kart and Final Fantasy. My end goal in life is to be a game designer for a large company, which I feel would take an immense amount of effort but I am ready for the work. I also feel that something people need to know is that I don’t talk much and tend to only speak up if I feel comfortable. I am outgoing when I get into it though and will get things done.

The picture credits go to Anderley who wanted to do more and fix it up but we did not have enough time. We had at least three more ideas to add to each of ours but maybe next time.

Hi, my name is Nirel

I am 19  years old and grew in Staten Island, NY . Since I was a little girl I have always had an interest in nature, animals and all forms of art. I would consider myself to be a reserved and open minded person but a huge part of me is also dorky and not as serious as I may seem. Growing up, art and music has been a major outlet in expressing myself and molding the person I am today. Some of my favorite artists and musicians include Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, The Smiths, Lou Reed, and Sonic Youth to name a few.  I got into graphic design in high school and it felt like a natural fit for me because drawing was something I enjoyed doing already and I felt like learning to do it on a computer would broaden my horizons.  Besides my love for art, I have an immense love for my family. I have very supporting parents, a twin sister and a cat and dog.  They are my support system and I am very grateful to have such a loving family.

I give credit to Niki who drew my name in a way that portrayed my love for animals and nature.

Who I am

Hi. My name is Nicole Harripersad. I was born and raised in Brooklyn. And I moved to Staten island when I was 10. Staten Island is my new home now. My whole family is from Trinidad and Tobago. My mom was the first person in the family to go to college, next was my older brother, and now me. I’m really shy in the beginning but if you give me a chance I can be very fun and I’m friendly too. ¬†I hope that we can all be friends. I’m a very creative person, I like to spend my time drawing on a Saturday pulling off all nighters, I like to bake a lot of sweets and decorate them too. I came to city tech because of the amazing arts and technology programs that were offered here, also my graphics teacher from my school Amrita Durga, went to City Tech to pursue her dreams. All of my other graphics teachers inspired me to be just like them. I want to be a graphics teacher and have a business on the side creating logos. Also I am very fond of using photoshop. I hope that once I graduate from city tech with my associates and bachelors I can pursue my dream further as a graphics teacher, and hopefully teach one day in a college as a professor. I would like to give credit ¬†to Carmen for drawing my name. She did a great job drawing my name for who I am.

Sherard Quow

My name is Sherard Quow and I am from Brooklyn. I am born into a Caribbean family from St. Vincent and the Grenadines. As a transfer student from Brooklyn College, ¬†I am¬†in City Tech to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Communication Design. I got into doing Graphic Arts from my Fall 2015 semester at Brooklyn College. After that class it really hit me as to what I want to do as a hobby and a career. I have been doing artwork from since high school and have an interest in technology from young. I want to design things, see what I’m designing, and be amazed with the result. I do have other hobbies that I like to do sometimes which include going to the movies, going out to the park with a friend¬†or¬†friends, play basketball, explore the city, workout, etc. ¬†Other than that, I am a ¬†chill kind of¬†person and also pretty outgoing. ¬†I would like to thank Melissa for the great drawing of my name (even though she almost forgot the first “r” and we are going to work on not forgetting any letters of my name in the future :P) and her point of view on what she feels describes me in a typographical art form.

Anderley Fequiere

Hello my name is Anderley Fequiere.¬†¬†I am here to learn more about the art of design because I believe I need to know multiple skills to get to where I¬†want to be in the future‚ÄĒa game designer. ¬†As a kid I grew up with a liking to animations like Walt Disney’s films, Anime like One Piece, and most of the other shows that were¬†on TV during that time. ¬†As I grew older, my sister began to do digital art. ¬†This drew my attention to art, and this is the main reason I started¬†drawing, even tho I¬†couldn’t draw people very well¬†at the age of 13. What really made me continue art was an art teacher that I met named Mr. Giardina.¬†He was the one in my high school that sought to help me on my path to success in drawing and shaped me to who I¬†am now. I am a strong-willed, patient, hard working, responsible, and disciplined student that will do the best that¬†I¬†can in order to get my job done. At times, I¬†can be joking around, but when it comes to business. I¬†will not play, especially if it is related to my goal. I want to be to man who is the one who created an awesome memorable character for a game cover which is why I¬†will take this class seriously,¬†because¬†the way you present letters on a cover has a distinct effect on who will buy a game or not.

I give credit to Christof who created this name tag for me. We wanted to do more on the name tags that we made for each other since we had more topics in mind that would have reflected who we are people.

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