Mission Statement

Sweet Tenacity identifies itself based on its persistence, creativity, and determination. This brand works to create and accomplish all goals no matter how out of the box it may appear. There is no range in industry from where the brand would like to venture. Fashion, film, and food are the three main areas of focus as of right now. Sweet Tenacity prides itself on being responsible in choosing a team to help create ideas, working hard toward making goals a reality, and not being in fear of making mistakes.

Founder of Sweet Tenacity, Zari Wayman, can be described as energetic, entrepreneurial, imaginative, and extremely ambitious. She values honesty, organization, and discipline. Wayman enjoyed reading fashion magazines and baking in her parents’ kitchen when she was younger and vowed to make a career out of it as she got older. Her strengths in being hard-working, efficient, and creative have helped her to create a brand that is up to her standards. Wayman wants to continue to grow her brand to help influence others who are interested in fashion and food. She works hard to let naysayers realize that any dream you want can become a reality no matter how weird or random it may be. Fashion and food are not within the same industry but Wayman does an extremely great job in proving that it certainly compliments one another. Sweet Tenacity focuses on fashion and creating the perfect vision to sell items. The brand works well with teaming up with fashion brands to help market clothes and accessories to sell to their specific target market. Sweet Tenacity, also, works in the culinary industry. The brand works to create perfect baked goods that can be found in its store in Manhattan or upon catering request.

Wayman’s main objectives are to network, travel more, pick up new hobbies, and manage the talents she has now. Networking is a huge factor in the fashion industry so making sure she’s attending the events and getting to know the new faces that are entering the industry is important. Traveling is good whether for business or pleasure. You can learn a lot while traveling. It is always good to have hobbies; trying new things can always be helpful as your career continues to proceed forward. While gaining new hobbies is important, it is also important to make sure you keep track of the talents you have now. Perfect the craft and find new inventive ways to make it better. Professional objectives are using the connections made while networking to help with the brand, to use my creative vision to help with design for a movie or television show, and open a new bakery in a different state for new clientele.

Sweet Tenacity will grow as much as the founder grows. The goals of both the brand and the founder are to use what has been learned in life in business. New hobbies, new clients, etc. will help to grow the company as long as the founder takes advantage of the opportunities.