Personal Short-Term Goals:

Wayman would like to take a vacation. She has been in school for almost all her life and needs a break to just relax. She would like to start going to networking events and making connections in the fashion industry. She would like to practice her writing and see if she could do editorial work. Also, she would like to take baking classes because that can be helpful for her long-term goal.

Professional Short-Term Goals:

She would like to start doing production work and hopefully working in the costume department. Also, she would still continue to help at KWeb Image Inc. and help run the online store where they will be selling clothes.

Personal Long Term-Goals:

Wayman would like to be financially secure and able to purchase an apartment in Brooklyn or Manhattan, and buy property that she can flip and sell, or rent.

Professional Long-Term Goals:

She hopes to be a creative director at a magazine. She would love to be a recognized costume designer for film. Also, she wants to open her own bakery and restaurant.