Final project

I had many ideas when i was coming into this project. Firstly i was going to do a book full of abstract art that we learned from past, but i didn’t like the idea.  I was going to do a square book 6×6 but i felt like it wouldn’t look good.


When i went to printed matter i saw a lot of different books. My favorite books where the comic style books. it was hand drawn drawings of homer Simpsons. I also saw many pictures of peoples family members, and stuff that was important to them.

I had a fun time taking all the pictures and also had a fun time putting the pictures together in the book. finding the right Persian design took me a while but i found it. putting everything on a grid was hard because some words wont fit. to fix this i had to fix the font size for the title of each page. I decided to use twine to make the book together because staples didn’t fell or look good.


Brooklyn Museum Project


This was my first time going to the Brooklyn museum. I have been to many different museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the natural history museum. Out of those two museums I feel like the Brooklyn museum is the best that I have been to. One of the reasons is its small. I can walk around and see the paintings in a timely manner. I don’t have to waste a whole day and know I haven’t seen the whole thing.


The best thing I saw from the African collection was the kjamo society mask. I found this mask very interesting because there is different materials’ being used here. I love how there is hair coming out the mask. I like how there was horns on top of the mask. This mask looks very masculine. This mask looks like it was used in dances and much other stuff.


In the “I see myself in you: selections from the collection” I picked this painting. The reason I liked this painting is that how it’s the same picture over and over. I love how he uses different colors for his paintings. I also love how there is different contrast from different paintings. These paintings don’t feel like the same thing they all fell very different. I love how in some pictures you can barely see his face


This was the design that really impressed me. I love how there is a man and a women looking at the middle. This whole piece is a mirror to, so you can see your own reflection. I love how you can’t see what the two people are looking at. So it’s up to you to decide what they are looking at. In my opinion when I was taking the picture is that they were looking at me. I say this because they are both looking in the middle, and since the piece is a mirror you can more yourself in the middle, and you can see you are the person they are looking at.           20160316_122745


In the end I had a great time at the Brooklyn museum. I saw a lot of great pieces that I didn’t see in other museums. I’m glad that I went to this trip, I will come back to the museum with family and friends


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