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Ubiquitous (adj.) – existing or being everywhere at the same time :  constantly encountered. (merriam-webster.com) I came across this word in the Ways of Seeing text on page 32 where it describes art. It says “For the first time ever, images of art have become ephemeral, ubiquitous, insubstantial, available, valueless, free.” I understand now from the […]

Conspiracy (n.)

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Conspiracy: a secret plan made by two or more people to do something that is harmful or illegal I got the definition form Merriam-Webster website. I encountered the word in the Ways of Seeing text on page 32. It says “By refusing to enter a conspiracy, one remains innocent of that conspiracy. But to remain […]


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Myopic (adj.):  a condition in which the visual images come to a focus in front of the retina of the eye resulting especially in defective vision of distant objects, or a narrow view of something. I encountered this word in the article “What If You Could Choose Between the Fastest Route and the Most Beautiful?” by […]

Tawdry (Glossary Entry)

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Tawdry (adj.) – cheap and gaudy in appearance or quality Merriam-Webster’s This word came from the reading of The Boston Photographs at the bottom of page 58 when the sentence starts off “A tawdry way to sell newspapers,” referring to one of the many letters in response to the pictures taken by Stanley Forman. The definition of the word […]


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word: Destitute (adjective): extremely poor (Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary) “Hals, an old man of over eighty, was destitute. Most of his life he had been in debt.” – Page 13, Ways of Seeing- John Berger Hals was selling his portraits because he was in debt and poor.