Aural Topographies: Research

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The song I listened to was an instrumental version called 3005 by Childish Gambino. The beginning sounds like a variety of pointy objects going around in a circle. Everything is white and the objects are gray and silver. The objects are small and they get bigger until they are all spinning while revolving in a circle around nothing. When the song reaches the middle,  a black hole appears in the center , so these objects are revolving around that hole. The hole gets bigger and starts to suck the objects in one by one. A big scary black object ( a monster maybe) moves toward these objects and proceeds to break, shatter and destroy any object in front of him. The goal of the monster is to be the only black thing visible in the white space.

Nearing the end of the song, the objects have all been sucked into the big black hole and the hole gets smaller and smaller until it vanishes. Then the monster turns around and walks away into the white background, getting smaller and smaller until it vanishes. And everything is just big white empty space at the end.

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