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Assignment #5 Skyscraper

ARCH 3522       Issued: March 25, 2019, Due:  April 8, 2019.

Assignment #5 Required Reading and Watching             300-400 words

Dolkart, Andrew. “The Birth of the Skyscraper” The Architecture and Development of New York City,  Columbia University Digital Knowledge Ventures nd accessed 1/26/13

Choose one of the buildings discussed in the reading, i.e. Corbin, Flatiron, West Street, Sullivan Building, Woolworth Building, etc.  Quantify and discuss which of the factors below impacted the creation or construction of that building.


Factors that lead to the creation of Skyscrapers

  1. Huge social change in the office world in the 20th
  2. Need for office workers (both men AND women) expanded greatly in business.
  3. The need for rental offices as money generators spurred investors to build bigger.
  4. The invention and practical application of the elevator.
  5. Growth of American companies, centered in NYC.
  6. Architectural Competitions of the day.
  7. The steel frame over the masonry bearing wall.
  8. Competition to be the tallest in height.



Cite at least one other source in addition to the article.  Provide end notes or footnotes. See Cornell Style guide for examples.

Homework #2


Come to class 3 prepared to discuss the topic, “What made the area we know as New York City favorable to settlement by the Dutch.  And, what changed that made it unfavorable to continue their settlement?”

Read the required readings and watch the clips cited in the syllabus.

A few sentences, paragraph, or bullet points.