I am reviewing all submitted papers, but here are some general comments that apply to everyone:


  1. All reference information must be cited with footnotes. You cannot use another researcher’s information without giving them credit.
  2. Your references should not be 100% internet sources. All these buildings are well documented in books and journal articles. Use them!
  3. Integrate your images and drawings throughout the paper, providing captions and citations for each on. Use these to illustrate your points in the text.
  4. If your paper does not follow my outline, adjust it to match my outline before resubmitting. Use clear subheadings for each section of the outline.
  5. Remember that the central idea in this paper is to be YOUR ANALYSIS of the architecture, NOT a historical narrative. Use the outline to guide your analysis.
  6. Many submissions have poor punctuation. Be sure all proper names are correctly presented with first letters in upper case. Be consistent every time you use the same term through the paper.
  7. PROOF READ!!! It makes a big difference to read your paper out loud to someone and see if they can understand it and to detect grammatical errors.
  8. All references must be properly and consistently formatted in MLA style. Use a citation tool/machine like EasyBib or Endnote to help you.

See you all at MoMA at 3:00pm.


Prof. Montgomery