PLITZS Fashion Marketing Internship

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Yessica interned as a Public Relations Coordinator at PLITZS Fashion Marketing, which is a New York-based Fashion Production Marketing company. The company provides a platform for talented individuals to gain exposure and develop their skills in the fashion industry. The intern’s responsibilities primarily revolve around public relations duties. This includes conducting research on schools and make-up artists, and fashion designers, participating in show production, organizing events, conducting interviews with official show models, managing social media, and assisting the show producer. Additionally, the intern also helps with modeling casting calls and editing videos on Runway ML for the Virtual Show. Through their work as an intern, the individual has gained valuable experience and exposure to real-world applications in the fashion industry.

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Examples of Profile Articles and Press Releases written by Yessica.

Some of Yessica’s work at PLITZS Fashion Marketing:

Figure 1.

Editing videos (Green Screen) at Runway ML.

Figure 2.

Figure 2: Interview with the Winner of PLITZS New York Fashion Week: KIDS Fashion Democracy Show (Age 4-8 Category).

Figure 3.

Figure 3: Yessica as part of the Staff at the PLITZS New York Fashion Week, February 2023.

Figure 4. Official Show Models with Vicky Muzaddi Designs.
Figure 5. Official Show Models with Designer Neigy Alvarado (on the right).
Figure 6. Official Show Models with Sophia’s Couture.