Yessica He’s personal brand is defined by her driven and creative personality, with a passion for communication and problem-solving. She is detail-oriented and has a talent for managing complex projects in a variety of fields. Additionally, she is adaptable and able to adjust to changing circumstances.

Yessica sees herself as a lifelong learner, always seeking new opportunities to grow and expand her skillset. Her best personal characteristics include her leadership skills, effective communication, critical thinking, and strategic decision-making. She strives to continue developing these qualities to become a valuable asset to any team or organization she works with.

Her brand logo consists of a stylized combination of her first name’s first letter and last name’s first letters “Y” and “H” in a modern and bold font, while on top is her full name in cursive/handwriting font, which represents the elegance and femininity (Waters, 2021). The intertwined “Y” and “H” represent her multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving, while the color scheme incorporates pastel colors such as soft pink and pink to convey a sense of creativity, femininity, and approachability (Olesen, 2021). Which the author also stated that pastel hues can create a soothing and calming atmosphere. Muted pastel pinks, in particular, can be used to evoke a tropical or island vibe without being too bright or overwhelming (2021). She feels those colors are very similar to how she feels and how she is identified. The logo also incorporates clothing hangers, symbolizing her background and passion for the fashion industry.

Yessica’s personal mission statement is to leverage her creativity, flexibility, problem-solving patience, and organizational skills to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals. She values collaboration, open communication, and attention to detail in all her work.

Yessica He’s brand logo.