Assignment#2 Rhythmic Elevations

The last part of the assignment#2 is rhythmic elevation. In the top of the picture is the staccato and legato mash up, under the mash up is my free study of rhythmic elevation .

My rhythmic elevation is based on the sound of my name. When I was drawing the rhythmic elevation, I kept repeating the rhythm of the sound of my name in my head. I found the rhythm of my name is up, down, and up. So I used┬átriangle┬áwave lines to represents the higher sound of my name. Around the triangle wave lines, those lines are more smooth because they represents the lower sound of my name. Also, they represented my personality. Base on my personality, I am a pacifistic, simplicity, and visionary person. So you can see there are different shapes in the picture that was created by repeating lines. It is represented my imagination in my head. And those repeating lines are created in monotone, because I want people to understand my work easily at the first time they looked. Although I don’t have good drawing skills, but I try my best to make my work to show what I wanted to show to people.