COMD 4900 Internship Spring 2021

New Beginnings,1

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For my search process, the first people I contacted in regards to an internship was from a brand called Hash tag Lifestyle which primarily focuses on the self care of entrepreneurial women. It’s a small private company that is currently based in Miami. I did some research on the brand online, I found interesting ideas that were expressed on their social media page. In addition I was able to get a sense of their brand style as displayed throughout their web page. Based on what I was able to gather from my research, I have determined that this was the internship I wanted to go for and wanted to get to work right away.

Getting Started, 2

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Upon submitting my resume to the main supervisor of the company, I was able to get response from her in a matter of 24 hours. We were able to schedule a meeting on a Thursday morning were we had a one on one meeting. I was asked about my experience and availability to which I did my best to confidently answer. A position for story board designer was offered right away on our first meeting as we took the first steps into a new project. No specified details were explained as of yet but I’m excited to be a part of the team.

Work Place Culture, 3

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So far I noticed that my weekly meetings with my supervisor is not as intense as I once thought. When I was interviewed in our first meeting, I presented myself in a button down to seem more professional however it seemed unnecessary as my supervisor never made the dress code an issue. In terms of hours, it’s more based on how quickly you can get certain tasks done within a time frame. Me and my supervisor went over brief design choices that she wanted to see such as the color scheme, font and size . She sent a copy of he social media deck in order to get more accustomed to the design frame of the work for the brand. I already provided my company data sheet for the internship along with a signature for the agreement form.

Typical Work Day, 4

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I’ve been learning a lot of time management skills within working for this company so far. As of right now I created separate graphics that was requested to be used for their social media campaign. I was creating a mood board to display for a new idea on potential merchandise that could offered for upcoming event that my supervisor is hosting. Mock ups were created with brand logo on tote bags. We meet every Thursday at 11am just so that we makes sure that we’re on the same page and explain anything that may needed clarifying.

Collaboration, 5

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So far in my internship, I’ve been making revisions to some story boards that me and the supervisor went over last week, I find it very helpful that she is able to send me feed back in real time whenever there are ever slight adjustments that are needed to be made. Since we all work remotely, it takes major communication to make sure there is no misunderstanding for the ongoing project. Luckily I am the only intern that is working with the company so I don’t have to worry any other people’s opinion other than from my supervisor. I asked if she needed any other interns that could potentially contribute towards the team but no position is currently available at the moment, she does have consideration for it in future projects.

Self-Evaluation, 6

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It has been a slow week but it’s to be expected at times when I work on my projects as soon as our weekly meetings end. I feel like I have adapted quite well to making sure any tasks assigned to me is done in a timely fashion to make sure I do not get left behind. I have provided 2 assets that I created through InDesign to be added to her social media campaign. I made sure this was done they day it was asked so that I could have her materials right away and she appreciated it a lot.

Mentor, 7

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Remote work has been an interesting experience when it comes to working on my current internship. Since the internship is based in Miami, I have to adjust to the certain themes of the events and overall the aesthetic of the brand. Most recently I have been tasked with designing VIP wrist bands and additional tote designs. Progress seems to be going smoothly so far although I know there is a lot that is to be expected these upcoming months. My supervisor is definitely my biggest support system as she makes sure that I understand the task at hand and corrects me with any mistakes that could be slightly adjusted.

Event Planning, 8

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I have been making partnership Instagram posts for each guest that is arriving for a special event that the company is hosting. I was provided the group account to make real time edits on any requested designs. So far it has been making edits easier although I did wish there was more context to some of these posts. I very politely made suggestions to my supervisor to help develop progress of the event. Although she didn’t agree with the idea, she did like the fact that I’m willing to share my thoughts to make the brand more effective.

Things Happen, 9

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Our weekly meeting has been pushed back to Friday since my supervisor was extremely busy with event plans. It was one of the first times I’ve had a boss be late/miss a meeting. For proof of my attendance I made sure to screen shot me waiting in the zoom call along with sending a confirmation email. We discussed some templates that I wanted to go over and reviewed some techniques as well for the font style her brand goes for. We were able to settle on a template to use for the story board and I have been tasked with the graphical layout of the templates. Currently I am checking for brand inspirations on the color tones.

Complete, 10

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To make the process of choosing the best story board template easier, I was tasked with creating a google slide that displayed at least 5 of the best templates that I created and having a brief summary of what makes it work. We settled on the third template shown above and that was the end of my the work I needed done complete my internship. I asked my supervisor if there anything else that she wanted me to work on but she stated how I already went above and beyond with assisting her these past couple months and with that she was satisfied with ending the internship as I already completed 135 hours in total.

My Thoughts, 11

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My internship experience was something that I will cherish as it gave me a better understanding of how business in graphic design works. It provided and showed me that even if you live somewhere deep, you can work remotely no matter how far away the establishment is to get your assignments done. Overall I feel like I had a very insightful and pleasant experience, I hope to use these skills I learned these past couple months to the test in the real world.


Entry 1: Throughout the course of my internship, there is lots to look back on when it comes to how my internship handled things. I was able to complete works that fitted the needs of the client and once the work was submitted. I could use these works as reference as the credit sourced. Based on my reading of the AIGA guide (, page 29) I understand that as a designer, I am responsible for making sure projects are not harmful to the client so that it doesn’t not go against the ethical morals.:Pixabay

1A) With my internship, we made sure that any assets that we used for our advertising was royalty free and so we always made sure to go on sites that provided such materials. Some of these included Pixabay and all other imaging was provided by clients.

1B) Since this a small organization, I did not have to sign a non disclosure agreement although I always made sure to ask permission for any reference work that I use for class. I read on the Forbes article that if information is already know to the public than it leaves that information valid to share from the NDA if I was to sign one(

Entry 2: Through the readings provided, my perspective on the work in ethics is that it should be taken very seriously as we designers have a responsibility to both the client and consumer.

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2A) There are times to where I have used a creators work for reference to help further a statement and I always to make sure to give credit to the original artist as it is always important to make sure you aren’t stealing other people’s work and crediting it as your own so there is no confusion.

2B) I find the Shepard Fairey case very interesting as it goes over the design of the iconic “hope” poster. ( legal battles are always a tough one to beat but it is right that original artist get their credit. I believe that Fairy should’ve gotten his credit or at least should’ve gotten some form of compensation.