In my Digital Media Foundations class, students were asked to choose a logo from a company and research and analyze it’s evolution. I found the Arms and Hammer logo compelling and decided to write my assignment based on it. This link will lead to the essay

Arms and hammer

From the field

  • United Federation of Teachers-Print Shop
  • Upon approaching this trip to the printing area, I was not sure what to really expect. I didn’t have much of an idea of what large machinery was used and how big the area itself was. When I first walked into the area, I was very surprised by the vast assortment of machinery that surrounds the whole area. No matter where I looked I spotted large machines that took a large proportion of the room for just one machine. It was honestly very interesting to see how the machines worked and what task it performed.
  • In the trip, there were many jobs that needed to be performed in order for the task to be completed in order for the task to be completed. Many of these tasks were done by machines; however workers were needed to operate the machines. There were different machines that perform various tasks from sorting to the printing of large poster boards. It was very interesting to see the different tasks such machines can perform. It was also impressive how it took highly trained professionals to operate such machinery.
  • This visit gave me a whole new perspective on the idea of graphic design. It showed me how much work really went into design and how it takes skilled hands to perform such tasks. It also showed how time consuming this job can be so it’s best to stay consistent. It gives me a good idea of what to expect moving forward. I will definitely be looking more into such fields.
  • in the photo, it shows one of the many large machines that are found in the printing shop. This machine in particular is one of the many copy machines used to start the continuous process of making copies.


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