Response to Jillian Tamaki

I’d have to say the one strategy that she uses for concept generation that relates to me the most is Step 3: Taking the source content seriously. I have to say that this one immediately reminded me of myself because my working process is pretty much the same way as she describes this step. If I am trying to come up with an idea or concept I would look at an image or a reading or something for a while and try to observe the smaller details and just let everything sink in over the next few hours while trying to come up with something unique. I also if I have the opportunity to would like to research and dive into as much detail and know as much as possible about what I just observed so I can know all the who? what? when? where? and why? so I can have a better idea of what the creator of the source material was thinking but it can also help me create my own ideas or inspirations as well.

Product Illustrations that I admire

These are two beverage labels that really caught my interest when I first looked at them. The first set of labels I think are unique because of how they take the term ‘half and half’ and integrate it into the label literally. The two colorful and vibrant monster like creatures are already appealing enough.Then the addition of the text and the box that splits the monsters in half revealing the lower half of the monsters which look completely different from the top half I just think really completes everything and matches up with what the drink is literally. The second set of beverage labels also caught my attention with the colorful monster illustrations. I would never think of monsters when I think of beer or alcohol let alone colorful ones. So I think that just adding some colorful designs that even kids could be attracted to is very interesting.