Final Project and Final Portfolio Review

Hello Class-

It seems unbelievable but here we are in the final stretch of the semester!

Week 14 is this Thursday 12/7!

Remember DUE week 14 are your Final Portfolio & Sketchbook 

( However, as we were at the museum this past week I am granting an extension to both, see below! )


Final Sketchbook  (20% of final grade)

Students may drop of Sketchbooks at the end of this week’s class for review.*

* Should students wish additional time they may choose an Openlab sketchbook submission.  If this is done your 4+ sketchbook pages per week must be uploaded to openlab, with the correct category tagged.   If pages are dark , blurry, or difficult to find as they were tagged incorrectly, this will negatively impact your grade.


Portfolio Review (25% of final grade)

Students Select 5-6 best Drawings and 1 Early Semester drawing for comparison.

Students are required to submit a portfolio of their classwork, homework, and  with dates and assignment noted on the back of drawings.

Portfolios should not consist of sketchbook drawings.  Students are welcome to draw new realistic drawing, portfolio pieces outside of class to supplement their portfolios in addition to classwork and homework drawings.

Portfolios will be collected on the last day of class.

Portfolios will available for return during office hours Spring 18.


Final Project ( 20% of final grade)

Remember your final project is a drawing of a location of your choice, from photo reference. The subject matter is entirely up to you, but you must create a sense of realism and show depth, using as all of the skills we learned in class such as: perspective, a full range of value, and accurate proportion.  It should be drawn at your highest level of finish.

More instructions on your Final Project

DUE for in class presentation 12/ 14.

Each student will give a short (3 minutes plus Q & A ) presentation on their art piece.

Tell us…

  • Name of the piece.
  • Show your reference.
  • Explain your inspiration.
  • Describe your processes and techniques.
  • Explain challenges and how you worked through them.




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