FINAL Project

FINAL Assignment: DUE 12/ 15

Create a drawing of a real place from both observation and reference.

The choice of location will be very important.

Don’t settle!

Choose a place which is meaningful to you.

Choose a place with a natural sense of depth; a place filled with interesting shapes, patterns and repeating forms: one which lends itself to the use of 1 or 2 point perspective.


  • Take a photo of yourself in that location when done and post to OPEN LAB along with a description of the location you chose and why.
  • Categorize your post as FINAL PROJECT.
  • Begin your drawing on location, not from a photo!
  • You may finalize your drawing by working from reference photos you shot on location.
  • Be sure to use a full range of value to create a distinct foreground, middle ground, and background.

Some possible good locations:

  • Grand Central Station
  • Any Museum
  • Anything with lots of columns, statues, tiles, interesting windows etc.