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Nicolas Nicholls

Sitting across from me on the subway, wearing a focused look on his face he seemed ready to take on the day. Tuning out the world with his Beats headphones, I could hear every drum kick and snare of the song he’s listening to. His head adorned with dreadlocks gives the impression that he is a person of nature. Wearing dreadlocks in today’s society is also a very bold move because of prejudices that people share within their private circles. What makes this an even bolder move, is the fact that he is also a person of color, which in itself comes with negative prejudices on sight. Sporting Super-Dry clothing and ‘flexing’ Nike sneakers, it is fair to say that he has a different sense in style and his execution/presentation all contributes to why he stands out. His style could be targeted to a certain crowd but base on the reaction of the other passengers, it’s clear that his style appealed to everyone that day. However, what would’ve been more appealing to me is if he wore a dash of orange throughout his outfit.

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  1. Laura Westengard

    Nice description and analysis. You write that “his style could be targeted to a certain crowd” but I’d like to hear more about *how* it holds meaning with a certain crowd (system) and not with others.

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