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She looks to be someone who dresses for comfort rather than fashion.  she is wearing a thick winter jacket and high boots, to perhaps provide extra protection from the cold winter weather outside. From the way her hair is styled, it’s easy to see that cares about her appearance enough to look respectable. She wears light makeup, which tells me that she is not self-conscious about her looks, but still wears makeup to enhance it.  The purse she carries doesn’t suggest that she is in college, but by the biology textbook that she is reading with intense focus, leads me to believe that she is.  Every now and then she looks up from her book to scope out her surroundings with tells me that she likes to be aware of what is happening but doesn’t necessary want to interact with her surroundings. By the way, she is reading the textbook. It’s easy to see that she is very interested in biology. Maybe she’s studying it because she wants to do be something in relation to the subject. Perhaps a doctor, or nurse, or, even a biology teacher.  And even though she seem reserved person, but the way she greets the people who come around her, you can tell she is friendly and helpful.

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  1. Laura Westengard

    Nice analysis! You mention that her hair style makes her “look respectable.” How does it communicate this? I’d love to hear a more in-depth semiotic analysis of this portion of the description.

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