Developing Your WI Syllabus

One of the challenges in writing-intensive instruction is developing a syllabus that weaves together course content with WAC principles to improve student writing and facilitate their writing process. In this workshop, we will suggest critical elements for crafting syllabi for writing-intensive courses and consider ways to adapt assignments and course practices that help students learn to become better writers.

link to presentation (approximately 23 minutes)

Requirements for Completing this Workshop Online:

  • Watch the presentation above.
  • Discussion (respond in a comment of 150 words or more below): What are your current course objectives and how do you use writing (low and high stakes assignments) in your classroom to achieve them?
  • Portfolio Assignment: Revise three of the current course objectives on your syllabus to reflect how you use writing in the classroom.
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4 Responses to Developing Your WI Syllabus

  1. Will the link to this presentation be available soon?

    So far so good. I find it extremely helpful to be able view the powerpoint lessons and work on my syllabus directly afterwards, or even go back to review portions of the lesson.

  2. I watched the video and found it informative.

  3. Mary Tedeschi says:

    This video has been very informative in creating my writing intensive syllabus. I actually watched this video twice. The second time to actually pause and create my updated syllabus. I made many modifications based on the fact that I am currently using the techniques learned in the WAC courses over the year. I am eager and excited to present my material. I really liked the examples and tried to incorporate them. I think writing is important in any course for both learning (informal) and to communicate (to the instructor and peers). Hopefully my students will want to submit their papers to conferences in the future. My goal to have students submit a paper to a conference. I learn so much from the informal writing that my students complete as they only will put this in the logbook and not state in class. It does show they are learning and each student has a unique answer. I really hope this course becomes writing enhanced.

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