Steps to Success…

My name is Tikia Mosley and I am a New York naive, loving and hating this wonderful city both at the same time. I am also a transfer student from Norfolk State University, located in Norfolk, Virigina where I studied Psychology. A few years into my studies  I realized that I had no desire to pursue a career within the Psychology field, and so I returned to New York. It wasn’t until a few years later that I had realized my true passion and what it was that made me happy, showing hospitality towards others.

Fast forward to today I am here at City Tech to complete my Bachelors and earn a degree in Hospitality Management. I would like to have a career as a General Manager or Events Director working for a major hotel chain such as Hilton or Marriott. I have been working in the Hospitality Industry for quite some time now, having held positions such as a server, hostess, reservationist, and concierge . My professional experience makes me both very knowledgable and comfortable within the hospitality industry. Throughout my years of experience, I was able to learn first hand how to interact with different people on a personal level and provide them with great service, many of whom I may have never came in contact with if not for my specific job title.

Today I know I truly enjoy being able to deliver outstanding world-class customer service on a personal level. Knowing that a guest leaves completely satisfied and looks forward to another great experience in the future because of my service, is a rewarding feeling. I know as a General Manager I must be able to ensure my guests have a great experience from arrival to departure. I feel confident that the learning tools I will receive here at City Tech will lead me to my degree. Also sharpen my skills and knowledge for the world of hospitality. So I look forward to sharing my Steps to Success here on OpenLab.