Molten chocolate packages Jacques Torres style, vanilla cheeseccake and exotic fruit mousse

In the third class of deluxe dessert, i was in the mousse team. The exotic fruit mousse is paired with macaroon biscuit and passion gelee. I think how refreshing it is! Our team tried to have a deconstructed plating this time and I think we did a good job!
I also love the cheesecake and chocolate packages. The cheesecakes were baked with hot bath. It was so silky and creamy. The chocolate package was a delicate yet creative dessert. Some fresh raspberries on chocolate ganache and genoise were wrapped in phyllo. They were baked right before service began. It is a well balanced dessert with the richness of ganache, freshness from raspberries and crispiness of the phyllo.

the chocolate

Sugar making!

Hot sugar day one, we learned the ingredients and procedure for pulled/blown sugar and poured sugar. After professor demonstrated, we paired up in team to make our sugar for further use. First we need to make sure all equipments are extremely clean to prevent any impurities formed in sugar. We only need to make pulled sugar in class. It has acid added, which changes the sucrose(sugar) to defrost and levulose. After acid added, it becomes invert sugar. Invert sugars resist crystallization. However, when too much acid was added, the sugar will become too soft. And one of our product( purple sugar) may experienced that.
Overall, temperature is the most important for pulled and blown sugar. We will need to add acid when it reaches 280F. Color will be added followed. And sugar will need to be cook out all water, at 290F, before poured onto silpat

Plum tart, toasted almond ice cream, lemon tea cake with blueberries and lemon sabayone, chocolate lava cakes with espresso sauce

I was in plum tart team in the second week of Deluxe Dessert. It is also my first time making ice cream with professional ice cream machine. Learned the skill of operation as well as the formula of sanitizing the machine. The plum tarts were amazing! Percent companies with the ice creamy. We toasted extra almond and baked plum chips for garnish.

Sabayone is a new item to me. It is a a light custard which whipped to incorporate more air in. It shared the texture and airiness of whipped cream but more flavorful and stable.

Honey crisp with strawberries, classic crème brulee with lavender madeleines, terrine of chocolate with pistachio sauce.

First class of Deluxe Dessert, we have production of honey  crisp with strawberries, classic crème brulee with lavender madeleines, terrine of chocolate with pistachio sauce. 

I’m in the Creme brûlée team. It was a very nice team work with my teammate, Laurel. My favorite of this week is the pistachio sauce! It is creme anglaise based with toasted pistachio infusion. Matching also all desserts today.