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Exam 3, Thursday, 12/8

  • Exam 3 is on Thursday, December 8 during class.
  • You can find the review sheet here.
  • As an extra credit assignment, complete the review sheet in full and upload it to Dropbox by Wednesday, 12/7, 11:59pm!
  • The review sheet can be completed however works best for you. This includes with a classmate, tutor, friend, family member, etc.
  • Name the uploaded pdf file as lastname firstinitial date exam3review.pdf
  • Please make sure you are uploading one file only. Multiple pages can be combined into one pdf file.
  • Good luck studying!

Exam #2 Corrections, due Thursday, 12/1/2022

In order to get a higher score on the second exam, please follow these rules.

  • The first step to getting a high exam score is to complete OpenLab Assignment #3. Exam corrections submitted without Assignment #3 completed will receive no extra credit.
  • Redo the incorrect problems in full. This means anything you got points off for, even a problem that has the right answer.
  • Problems must be done correctly. You will receive half the points (rounded up) for a problem that is redone.
  • You do not need to redo a problem that was marked correct. Any problem that has deductions is a problem that is marked incorrect.
  • If you got points off because your work was massively different from what we do in class, your test corrections must reflect the method used in class.
  • Redone problems must be done on a separate sheet of paper, numbered, and uploaded as a separate file. Standard Dropbox rules apply.
  • Follow the rules for uploading. jpeg files will not be accepted.
  • Name the file with lastnamefirstinitialdateexam1correction.pdf
  • Example: kanb1201exam2correction.pdf
  • The problems must be done with a City Tech tutor, ASAP tutor, or SEEK tutor.
  • Look on the OpenLab website for the schedule of tutors. Go to “Help & Resources” and “Tutoring” to find it. You can use tutors from the Atrium Learning Center, Perkins Tutoring (Math department), SEEK (if you are a part of the program), or ASAP (if you are a part of the program).
  • If you are doing the exam corrections in person, the tutor should give you an attendance verification slip. Include that in your upload as an extra page. If you do the exam corrections online, have the tutor email me at bkan@citytech.cuny.edu confirming you attended tutoring for the test correction.
  • Exam 1 corrections are due December 1.
  • Email me with any questions.

OpenLab Assignment #3, Due Wednesday, 11/23/22, 12pm

Answer these questions honestly and in detail.  I am reading them, but the questions and answers are as much for you as they are for me. This assignment must be completed in order to receive a corrected exam score for Exam #2.

1) Are you satisfied with your performance on Exam #2?  Explain why or why not.

2) What did you do to prepare for the second exam.  Do you think it was effective? Did you do anything different between studying for the first and second exam?

3) What do you think you can do to improve?

4) On a scale of 1-10, how serious are you about taking the necessary steps to graduate from college with a degree?  Do you think your actions over the past month accurately reflect this number? Has your desire to graduate from college with a degree changed since the first exam?

5) Did you take advantage of the test corrections on the first exam? If not, why?

6) What else can Professor Kan do to improve instruction?

Upload your answers to these questions and name the file as:

lastname firstinitial date assignment03

You can upload this in any format you like. Microsoft Word or pdf file is preferred.

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