Tuesday 02/11 Class

So here goes a little summery from yesterday’s class:


Yesterday we had a quick presentation from each group of how we (each group) are solving the “problem” number 2.

We talked about how each one of the groups is addressing each task, like labor, time and schedule as well as choices of materials.

For example: Laura, Steve and Yaro’ s group are going to build 4 X 8 platforms and they going to use MDF to cover the Logo on the floor for the talent show.

Sergio, Michael and Shannon are going to use triscuits and stud walls and they also going to use MDF for the floor.

Sarah, Vincent, Jose and myself are going to use triscuits as well but we are going to cover the floor with Marley.

While discussing the front stairs, it was mentioned that a staircase needs support in every 2’ to 3’.

We also talked about the paper work that we need for problem number 2 like, build drawings, installation drawings, calendar, budget etc.


For tomorrow’s class bring a flash drive, because we are going to meet in the light lab for an Excel class.

And next Tuesday we are going to talk about the front platforms for this project, so if you have the Stock Scenery Construction Handbook by Bill
Raoul, bring it with you.

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