Curved Flats

Look at these curved flats Sergio and I made today! Hope this helps out someone else because I know it helped me.1620932_10152030634215897_952596526_n1974975_10152030634040897_1575763953_n1970811_10152030634145897_1105108445_n10013795_10152030633985897_1663215253_n

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  1. Thanks for posting, this looks great.

    What materials did you use? What radius was your bend? How easy was it? What fasteners did you use? What methods did you use? It looks like the grain of the lauan is parallel to your stiles. In your drawings, I think you showed that the lauan grain would be parallel to your rails. Did you try it both ways? Do you feel this was a good test? What were your observations during the build?

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