First Class Review (1-28-13)

Hey guys here is a quick summary of everything that we did the first class:

-Introductions, Hi All! We went around and said who we were and why we are taking this class.

-Overview of class. What was this class all about and introduction to the Problem    Method of teaching.

-Communication, Keepin in touch! We talked about how we would all be connected to each other to help eachother out, make sure we are all up in time for class. (smartphone app?)

-Question Time! We asked a few questions around, talking about how to support each other with projects, what we are looking from out of this class, and the punishment of those who bring us down.

-Whats our Motto? We started talks about what our class motto should be. Something that reprecents us and what we are doing as technical directors.

-First Project, Make Me A Sandwich! We broke up into our first groups and recived our first of four projects.

And thats about it. I got a good feeling about this class.

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  1. vincent says:

    pay attention in class sil

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