Our team consists of the following members:

JefferyJeffery Rodriguez began studying Architecture because he enjoys working with his hands, and creating the ideas he has. When he is not doing Architectural work Jeffery’s main hobbies are exploring different movies, and playing baseball. In regards to the group and as a student, Jeffery’s strengths are that he has a great imagination, he is always open to the ideas of others, and he is able to get down to work and get done quickly when necessary. Last, it is his goal to improve his knowledge in codes, zoning, and what it takes to construct a building from beginning to end.

jamesJames Rigley decided to choose architecture as his major because he always liked working with his hands. He also joined the technology club in high school and took architectural classes in buffalo. This was the start of his interest in this field.  James enjoys playing  and watching sports, specifically football and hockey. His goal for this semester is to focus more on school and on work. His long term goal is to eventually land and internship and get his architectural license.

ChrisChris studies Architecture because of his good skills in drawing and saw is interest while watching is architect uncle. Chris could help the team by applying some skills that could advance are work such as having an open minded looking for many ways a problem could be solve, and likes to help others understand what the task is. He would like to learn this semester about building codes and how each code came to be, and Material, when it would be the right moment to use certain materials and the ways that building are constructed.