Sketchbook assignment #3- Pavilion

For this next sketchbook assignment, the task was to go visit the Pavilion located in lower Manhattan and therefor we had to observe the details, structure such the columns and the roof, and identify the different components of the building. While visiting the site, I have been able to sketch out a plan and section of the structor, identify the structure and its components, the measurements of each element, and I have taken photos to help me with this assignment.

The next part of the assignment was to create a plan, axonometric, and section of the site by using the notes, pictures and diagrams that were written.







Sketchbook assignment #2- Plans

For this sketchbook assignment, the purpose of this task was to look up a picture of a plan and therefor we had to chose the best one that caught our attention and sketch it. After the sketch was completed, I had to be able to identify many things in the plan and discuss what they were. Some of the things I had to look for are circulation, geometry, transparency, grid, etc.







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